This Is Some Pic Of Bloomberg And Cuomo

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According to the New York Post, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg participated in a raft race to promote tourism in the Adirondacks. For some reason they allowed this photo to be snapped of themselves. I’m laughing too hard to think of anything else to say.  

Cuomo Bloomberg

Update: I was laughing until I read the end of the story:

The two-day event cost taxpayers about $175,000. But Cuomo said the publicity was “priceless” and brought reporters from as far away as the United Kingdom and Taiwan.

Good grief. $175,000 for the two of them to look like idiots. Great.

8 thoughts on “This Is Some Pic Of Bloomberg And Cuomo

  1. LOL. They look lost without their mommies and like they failed Boy Scouts 101, “how to participate in a group and to learn self-reliance.”

  2. Wonder where Bloomtards armed body guards sat in the raft? Did he actually ride without protection? mr. no guns for everyone but me! wish he feel out a drowned !

  3. HAHAHA!!! “The Dream Team”. Quick, someone call the mental hospital. I found out where the two escaped mental patients are located. One of them looks like Christopher Lloyd, while the other looks like Albert. “Big inning. Big inning!”.

    Don’t worry, “I’ll hold back the walls” and “put this in my report”. lol

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