20 thoughts on “This piece of shit – We Need To Pin People Down And Vaccinate Them Its the Moral Thing to Do

  1. Laughing my ass off. But yeah in your fascist fantasies buddy sure thing, especially you little English twat, it’s easy to say in a disarmed nation!

    Of course even if you try that there Or any other disarmed nation, you gonna find some creative lads who will remove the terrifying Arms from your soldiers and police!

    Thereby creating armed “civilians” who will hopefully take out their little stasi neighbors first and little worms like you who must really dream of the third Reich in a nostalgic way!

    You little English worm, you really have zero understanding of the true free Americans in this world.

    We are not who you see everyday in the News, Hollywood and all your protected classes of deviants!

    Bring it and try it….! And watch your world burn…!

    1. Norm, EOTS, geez you guys, you are so politically incorrect and vicious. Quite refreshing. Glad at least one of you is my neighbor.



      1. I would be your neighbor too
        But I’m behind enemy lines up here in the north
        Still got yer back even if it’s from a distance

      1. Well, by the replies he is getting, he is making a joke about things that we are fkn absolutely enraged over and chomping at the bit.

        But alas, we know there are plenty out there that are 100% on board with every bit of his “Satire”…. so I’ll let my comments stand! HA…

  2. I would love to cuss you at ad nauseum but you are such a cunt, I’ll summarize with saying, “You couldn’t roll me over if I was f-king dead and whoever wants to give it a f-king go, I will quite simply blow your f-king heads off.”

    1. Henry if these Big maggots are going to coninue tp push this agenda they will meet The American Nationals… we will win we are ready… they have clearly underestimated us!!!!!!!!!

  3. Now that many Doctors are saying the vaxxed are transmitting spike proteins that are infecting the unVaxxed maybe it’s time to start quarantining them?!

  4. my bullets are polished and my sights dialed in! now i’m just waiting for that door to door service that they have been talking about…..

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