Thomas Jefferson on Guns

The New Boston Tea Party

“No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms.”

Jefferson wrote variations of this sentence in three drafts of the Virginia Constitution, but this line never made it into the adopted Constitution, according to This quote is often coupled with one he never said, the one about protecting yourself from tyranny.


3 thoughts on “Thomas Jefferson on Guns

  1. You’re absolutely right, Mr. Jefferson, but unfortunately we’re not a freedom-loving people anymore.

    All Americans want is a bigger TV screen and someone to protect them, and the idiots will gladly turn over their guns to any tyrant who smiles at them on the TV.

    They’re going to have to learn the hard way.

  2. Yes too many have been brain washed from all the crap they teach in our schools now..And bad too be a Christian or pray ..All this and more will make a big fall for sure..I am all country raised and they the GOV. would like all us too disappear cause we learn how too live with out the crap the roten goverment like us too belive..Time too open your minds and souls and stand too fight for the right for if the right falls all falls..The true words of my forfathers …You got it Jolly Roger

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