6 thoughts on “Thousands of Afghan refugees headed to Texas

  1. Oh great, that’s all we need in Texas is more crazy illegal immigrants. WTF?!

    These elitist bastards are deliberately starting wars so they can bring people (and/or enemies) in as refugees to destroy us from within. They are doing it in Europe and Australia (Westernized countries) as well, but not Russia or China. Imagine that? I guess we all know who the superpowers are in the world now and it ain’t us.

  2. yep , lets mix these (fighting aged men , i see no women or children here) and all the illegals that poured into our country form central and south America etc all , and just see how well this mixes with Texans

    nahhhh they aint tryin ta start no shit

  3. And as Henry said in yesterdays broadcast, these refugees are the people that committed treason against their own people. So now in fear of retribution they’re splitting to save their lives.

  4. Mission: Destabilize
    Objective: Communize and Homogenize whole world
    Means: Relocate 3rd world into first
    Facade: Present as humans in desperation rather than invaders
    Outcome: Project halted by armed American Nationals set on protecting homeland and living free.

    Song lyrics:

    “Walk tall, cool, collected and savage.
    Walk tall, bruised, sensual, ravaged.
    It’s every man for himself, every woman, every child,
    A new breed, ferocious and wild.”
    — Holly Knight


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