Three Illegal Immigrants Rescued After Getting Stuck Atop Trump’s New Border Wall


Jan 8, 2020

The three Mexican nationals were rescued from atop President Trump’s new border wall near San Diego.

They got stuck on top and couldn’t get themselves down showing that Trump’s new wall is having some effect on the crisis at our southern border.

Border Patrol noticed the helpless migrants and called the San Diego Fire Department to bring them down.

Border Patrol took possession of the migrants after they were saved by The San Diego Fire Department.

From The Hill:

San Diego Fire Department officials on Sunday rescued three Mexican nationals who were stuck atop a section of new border wall.

The firemen were summoned by Border Patrol agents, who spotted the three people around midnight on the 30-foot steel bollard wall in the Otay Mesa border sector.

The migrants, a 36-year-old man and two women, ages 20 and 18, were stuck on top of the wall in foggy conditions that made the wall wet and slippery, according to a statement released by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on Tuesday.

Fire Department officials used a ladder truck to rescue the three, who were not injured in the ordeal.

“These three were very fortunate to not have fallen from the top of the wall which could have resulted in serious injury or death,” said CBP San Diego sector acting chief Aaron Heitke, according to the statement.

3 thoughts on “Three Illegal Immigrants Rescued After Getting Stuck Atop Trump’s New Border Wall

  1. Nice try Trump, hollywood theatrics dont work in truthville. I see more truth in your perfectly white teeth.

  2. Why is it our problem ?

    Leave them up there
    Maybe after a week or two they will send a message to the rest of the wall climbers when they are bones on top of a wall

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