Thugs and Terrorists … With Badges

Published on Jun 4, 2017 by Larken Rose

An interview and discussion about the thuggery and terrorism routinely committed by agents of the state, with a real-life example from Canada.

For more on the background of this case, watch this:…

To contact the street gang which victimized Cheryl:

Kawartha Lakes Police
6 Victoria Avenue North
Lindsay, Ontario, K9V 4E5
Tel: 705-324-5252

To file a formal complaint against those responsible:….

6 thoughts on “Thugs and Terrorists … With Badges

  1. It was going good til around 44min. I like Larkin but he backs up the lady on her eeevil Nazi comments. I used to say that kind of thing until I realized JUDEA DECLARED WAR ON GERMANY. The Nazis didn’t draw first blood, international jewry did.

    1. I’m normally hard on those playing softball with the enemy, Lakern’s core message and agenda yields him many free passes in my opinion (there will be no Jews ruling over us if there are no rulers to be had right?). He sticks to one subject, he grows our numbers, its free for everyone and he is an excellent orator.

      I see the Bill of Rights as a historical tool of which I have ownership by birth, however if the fight was over tomorrow and we won I would not be trusting the government that replaces this current mess or any that follow.

    2. you stuck with it way longer than I could bear……I made it to the 3 min 17 second mark……kill the intruders……end of story

  2. Larken Rose is one of the very best spokemen the Liberty Movement has. I might not agree with him on every single detail of his beliefs, but it’s rare for two individuals to ever do that. Hopefully it doesn’t sound gay to say this, but the man is a treasure.

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