Ticking Time Bomb: Haitian Illegals Take Over Transport Bus in Texas and Flee the Scene

100% Fed Up – by Leisa Audette

Who isn’t surprised by the fact that when illegals were told they were being deported, they did something like take over a DHS bus to flee from the border patrol? It’s surprising something worse hasn’t happened. The situation at the southern border is a ticking time bomb… 

Thousands of illegals are hunkered down under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, waiting for their fate. Some will be deported, and so far, over 4K have been processed to be released into the interior of America. The Biden administration is making the situation worse by not sending 100% of these illegals back to wherever they came from. Incentivising coming to our border by letting some stay has reportedly caused thousands of illegals to cue up to make the trek to our southern border. While the DHS Director says our border isn’t open, the reality on the ground is that it is wide open.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin reports that the conditions are third-world in the Del Rio border camp:

Is the latest bold move by illegals a sign of what’s to come? On Monday, Haitian illegals took over a DHS bus used to take them to the ‘immigration processing station’ in Texas.

The Texas Dept. of Public Safety Director talked about the “horrible” conditions at the border:

Fox News reports that the bus was traveling from Del Rio, where all the illegals have gathered, to Brownsville, Texas. On the way, the bus was taken over by illegals who didn’t want to be removed from the U.S. back to Haiti. They forced their way off the bus and fled but were later caught.

KCSO reports that some federal agents were injured during the incident: “Well I believe in an attempt to abscond into the brush or leave the area these individuals were able to assault federal agents on the bus in an attempt to escape,” Sheriff Kirkpatrick said. “I think it was at that point where the driver was able to pull over, that’s when they were able to get and force the door open and abscond off the bus.”

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd mentioned the incident during a press conference:

“When they found out they were going to be sent back to Haiti, they took the bus over, and they fled.”

100% Fed Up

3 thoughts on “Ticking Time Bomb: Haitian Illegals Take Over Transport Bus in Texas and Flee the Scene

  1. Start shooting these ILLEGAL ALIEN MOTHERF***ERS right in the head! How the F*** do people sit around thinking “Oh, this is perfectly okay, the government knows what they’re doing to help these poor refugees.” Henry is right, no one is going to do a god damn thing until these FOREIGN INVADERS rape their kids, their grand kids, the dog, and then take it up the ass themselves! F***ING SICKENING! I would say “WAKE UP AMERICA!” but at this point, the cowards in this country are better off bending over at the ditch so they can be sodomized and then shot in the back of the head.

  2. Re: “On Monday, Haitian illegals took over a DHS bus…” Aside from outright invasion, isn’t this one more ploy to embarrass us in front of the world, to make us look stupid and inept, like not only are we unable to secure our border, but our “homeland security” is easily robbed of its vehicles? We are being presented as a dying country, soon to be a second and then third-world country. I don’t care about any such classification but I’d rather the world know the truth, that American Nationals are focused on removing false authority and are holding strong to fighting for freedom.


  3. Oh but don’t worry
    It’s not like these people coming here like this ,would do anything criminal………………..

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