Tier 5 Unemployed Say No to Socialism

Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent Senator from Vermont, staged a filibuster in the House of Representatives yesterday.  Actually it was not a real filibuster but a show put on for the media.  I took the time to listen to some of Mr. Sanders’ rantings.  I heard a lot about the inequality represented by extending the tax cuts for the top 2% of earners in America.  He also read letters from back home from working poor people who were slowly seeing their worlds collapse.  What I did not hear him mention was the deplorable state the 99ers find themselves in.

Still, advocating for the poor against the rich would seem to be an admirable pursuit.  That is until I looked into whom Mr. Sanders is a little closer.  That is when I found out that he is openly a socialist and as he supports another form of government other than that prescribed in our Constitution, he is by definition a traitor.

Sheila Jackson Lee, a Congresswoman from Texas, was the first one of our so called representatives I heard mention the 99ers in a couple of days.  She was very forceful and said that the militant Democrats would not stop fighting for the 99ers, whom she described as having their backs against the wall.  I was very encouraged by her words until I found out that she too is openly socialist.

So how in the hell did so many socialists find their way into our government?  When Bill Clinton was leaving office his wife, Hillary Clinton, stood on the steps of the White House and declared that she would see to it that America would become a socialist country.  Again, this was a blatant act of treason.

For the past thirty years the socialists and their ideals have wormed their way into our public schools where our children and grandchildren are no longer taught history, but rather are indoctrinated into socialism through social studies.  Vladimir Lenin stated that violent revolution would not be necessary to bring the United States under world communism.  He said the American people will vote communism in as an alternative to capitalism.

Afterwards the world communist revolutionaries went to work perverting free enterprise capitalism into capital capitalism.  Free enterprise capitalism involved investing capital in individual free enterprises which created products which created wealth for the capitalists.  Capital capitalism is money creating wealth without any product being produced.

It is being reported that individual household income has risen in the past year.  For those in the middle and upper middle class this has been true.  However the latest provisions of Obama Care, which have just kicked in, are devouring that increase and more, forcing many who are working for private corporations to seek government jobs to offset the rise in the cost of medical insurance.  Again, Obama Care is socialism and its enactment is causing socialism to spread.

We 99ers have been pushed out in the cold without resources.  Now we are being starved in an effort to get us to embrace socialism as an alternative to the capital capitalism which allows the filthy rich to prosper without us working for them.  This is a very dubious situation we are in but I tell you if we accept socialism we will have accepted communism, as socialism is only a stepping stone to that ultimate goal.

We must resist the socialists no matter what comes because if we do not we will be reduced to slaves under a one world communist system.  The solutions to our problems are very simple and they do not involve becoming socialists.  We have gone over them many times and I assure you, those in power know them as well as we do.

End NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT.  Make every citizen from another country who is here illegally leave.  Seal our borders.  Make the rich bring the $2 trillion they have stashed overseas in foreign banks back to this country and tax it.  Stop all exports of our natural resources except in the form of 100% American manufactured goods.  Put a 90% tax on all monies being invested in foreign countries.  Force the banks that were bailed out to return those monies.

The effect of these measures will be to force the restitution of our industrial base after which we will return to prosperity.  These measures are simple, Constitutional, and could be accomplished in a very short time.  If and only if we the American people come together, not as socialists but as restitutionalists, will we restore our Constitutional Republic.

I cannot speak for others, but as for me the answer to the question, “Will you accept socialism for unemployment benefits?” must be no.

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  1. I am going to exhaust my extended benefits in January. Yesterday, I was depressed. Then, I saw Senator Bernie Sanders on C Span. I listened to Senator Bernie Sanders. I became giddy with excitement. I liked what he was saying. I liked that he had statistical information to back up what he was saying. I have lived the life he was talking about. I thought, yes this is what is happening, I have heard about this in the news media over the years. Not enough jobs being created, divid between rich and poor, and Capital Capitalism is ruining this country. Then he was introduced as a socialist from Vermont and that made me wonder. What? A socialist is a Senator, that can’t be right. Then I was also wondering if he is taking this opportunity to stere this country to socialism. Then I was depressed again. Because like you, Mr. Shivley, I am adverse to socialism. I don’t want any help in return for becoming a socialist follower. I like your message and what you are saying. I found your web site yesterday after realizing that I will not be hired before my UI is gone, I began scouring the web for info on the S3706 bill. I am an accountant and I can’t find a job. There are these jobs posted but I can’t even get an interview. I join the fight today. We need this bill to pass, it has incentives for employers to hire long term unemployed.

  2. what a retarded argument- not every thing about beiong a socialist is bad if we all lived one way and then all other ways of living were thrown out the window then we we would be f**#@# ….o wait due to people like you we are that way ………help the 99ers

    1. Michael Belase,
      Our country was founded through a Constitution which guarantees a Republican form of government with an emphasis on the rights of the individual. Socialism is emphasized by collectivism. Therefore, socialism is repugnant to our Constitutional form of government and to support any form of government other than that prescribed in our Constitution is constructive treason by definition.
      If you do not like this Free Republic, maybe you should exercise your free right to immigrate to a socialist country, like maybe England, Ireland, or Greece. I see in the news that they are enjoying their socialist state of affairs, so maybe you should go to one of these places where you will be happier. And being rid of another socialist, I would be happier.
      We are not going to allow socialism in this country and if people like you try pushing it on us you are going to find yourself on a deportation barge headed for Somalia.

    2. Retarded? Do you realize what we went through during Christmas in 1776 with the British? 2500 soldiers putting their ass on the line so you could write your garbage without being lynched? You want to throw the last 234 years of freedom out the window because you’re a coward? Sometimes you have to fight for what is right. You think you will be better off living as a slave? Being told what you can eat, where you can drive, how many children you’re allowed and what sex they must be?

      Better understand long and hard your words, friend.

  3. Excellent article Henry. I agree with you 100% up to the point where you stated “We are not going to allow socialism in this country”,. What the hell can we do when we will not come together in unity and fight for what we believe in. Has America already been defeated? Is our fate already sealed? I spend hours a day spreading a message about unity and things we could do that would make a difference and yet we are not getting stronger and I need to know why. I am very discouraged. It is not in my nature to ever give up but I sure would like to see some numbers and know there are people out there who will still take up the fight.

    1. Barbara,
      I tell you what the problem is. People are cowardly. In the 2008 primaries Senator Ron Paul was running for the Republican presidential ticket. People were getting stopped in North Carolina for having a Ron Paul sticker on their car. Our so called government is profiling and harassing all those who dare preach the unconstitutionality of their policies and it is having the same effect that it had in Stalin’s Russia. People are literally afraid to express an anti-government opinion to a stranger in public. Likewise they fear to have their names associated with a movement that is pushing for civil disobedience.
      I’m going to give you a link to a story that should bring you to an understanding as to why many are afraid to exercise their Constitutional rights. Though this story is true at some point all are going to have to realize that we might as well fight as the international corporate mafia intends to kill us all regardless of our political views. http://freebabycheyenne.com/

      1. OK Henry. Thank you so much for sending me this link. That is all I needed to get fighting mad. I will work harder. I did figure out that when I was posting the link it was being stripped from my post. Also, on some sites they removed my entire post. I tried posting all day and it never did post on certain sites. By posting — From the Trenches World Report, I noticed that it was not being removed. Have a good day Henry and thank you so much for all you do for us.

      2. The freebabycheyenne link isn’t working Henry. At least from my computer anyway. I Googled it and found more and they are all broken as well. Even the one from their Facebook page isn’t working.

          1. Mark,
            I checked the link just before I gave it to Barbara and it worked fine. I just checked it again and you are right, the link is broken. I guess they don’t want more people finding out just how evil they are.
            You said you found a work around, if you could post it for others it would be appreciated.

          2. I just clicked on the re-direct link that is on the (goggle: broken- link banner).

            I’m using Internet Explorer and Google as the seach engine

            Sorry for not giving details earlier, I thought it was just me.

  4. Henry — This is the message I have been posting.


    We are in an emergency situation. You should be calling all of your representatives to complain about extending tax cuts for the wealthy and eliminating the 99ers from the extension of unemployment. Please go to the website — From the Trenches World Report and go to the Organized Resistance page and under Nationwide Rally to Extend Unemployment Insurance, leave your first name, state and the address of your unemployment office so we can organize active civil disobedience. This is our only hope. We have got to have enough people to form protest groups. I don’t understand why we are not getting stronger. We are not going to win by being silent and we are not being heard by our government. Please help me make this happen. We can do this.

  5. that s right barbara thats the message that i have been spredding to.we need not falter from our course. one movement at a time let s all pull together for whats right!!! this is what they want ! they want to divide us then we are doomed so stay true to the cause

  6. Barbara99er, HI Eli here From California
    I have seen noticed your posts on different sites, also I am sure you know that that idiot
    (Big Daddy) is still posting posing you . and he has started in on me as well!
    I have been blocked from several blog sites trying to post the resistance and
    From the trenches world report site! I thought of craigslist in all of our cities.


    1. Hi Eli

      Looks like both of us are being impersonated. I have also been blocked on different sites. We must be touching a nerve — which is good. Welcome aboard. When I visit a site where he is impersonating you I will certainly let everyone know. That’s about all we can do. I wish he would get a job so he wouldn’t have so much time to play. Good luck to you and your family.

  7. This recently proposed 13 month extension of Emergency Unemployment benefits for the “long term unemployed” is misleading.

    Of the 7,000,000 million currently unemployed Americans, 5,000,000 (71%) are “99ers” – those who have exhausted up to 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. Why would this 13 month extension ignore 71% of the people it is designated to help? Something’s wrong with that picture!

    I would urge all 99ers to e-mail, call or fax their individual Senators to include the 99ers in the recently proposed 13 months extension.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained; make the call, send the fax and join the lobby to protect the other 71% of unemployed Americans who are excluded by this proposed unemployment extension! Notwithstanding that the 99ers are the longest “long term unemployed” in America!

  8. Barbara99er That guy is such an idiot he also goes by the name Diva and buba. I have had several run ins with him and have posted in your defence. at one point he posted as diva . and I had a fun time messing with him my comment to him was Big Daddy are you wearing bra and panties again! trying to be a diva !! got a few post with derogatory messages for Big Daddy !! LOL More like Big Loser.. anyhow good lookin out.

    HI Angel


    1. Eli — That is too funny. I wish I were on the site at the same time we could have really had a good time with him. But I didn’t know he had posted in the name Diva. Thanks for posting in my defense.


  10. Barbara, Most Bloggers are on to him at times it is amusing to read the comments most make about Big Boat Diva daddy! lol and I do tend to pick on him and get bloggers very angry at him anyhow enough with him he is a very lonely creature.
    Barbara visit the entrepreneur page on this site join in on a possible venture.


  11. The author here is mentally challenged about the facts.

    Unemployment insurance IS socialism – so are minimum wage laws, child labor laws, and workplace safety laws. Enacting a Tier5 will NOT turn America into the killing fields of Cambodia. Social Security is also socialism – how many of you will turn down your claims when you reach qualifying age? I thought so.

    1. truth Seeker-

      Everything works when everybody plays by the rules set by our forefathers. When people try to put themselves above the law, then bad things start to happen. The Bill Of Rights was ratified in 1791 and it’s been shit on. Globalists want to control the wealth cutting out the rest from a happy life. Get it? It doesn’t work when we have traitors that want to hold our heads underwater so they can cheat and steal the countries wealth. This is how bad things start to happen.

      1. Yes, I just read Griftopia by Mark Taibbi who is a Rolling Stone reporter. In the book, Mr Taibbi address what happened to banking regulation and Greenspan and Speculation and Tea Baggers. Also addresses: remember when gas prices were so high two years ago? No one knew why? Government officials and mass media blamed it on oil crude oil shortage, then shortage on oil refineries then that summer traffic demand always raises prices. Well it was speculation ran by big banks. It is happening again. (We need regulation reform) I just paid $2.89 per gallon this morning. The big time bankers are raising the gasoline prices again with their speculation game and mass media is not covering the gas price increase. Mass media is also not covering 99ers and are perpetuating the false info that the increase of filling time is an extension to 99 weeks. This is frustrating to know the truth and to not be united. Read Griftopia. Also covers SWF. I have the book on Nook if any one wants to borrow it.

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