Tier 5 Unemployed, The Talking Part is Done

Flash:  Two versions for extensions of the Bush tax cuts were voted down yesterday.  The first extended the tax cuts only for those making $250,000 and under.  The second extended the cuts for all those making a million dollars or less.  Apparently the House Republicans and enough House Democrats to make the difference have decided that those making over a million dollars per year cannot feel secure in their future unless the tax cuts are extended to the top 2%.

Is there anybody out there among the middle class and working poor that believes that a million dollars in personal income per year is not enough?  Also, is there anybody out there among the middle class and working poor who believes that a majority of the American citizens do not want a single piece of legislation to pass through the Senate until the top 2% are guaranteed their extra $100,000 per year?  Note: Half of what the top 2% receive in tax cuts per year, $50,000, would put the average family of four above the poverty level.

The Republicans and their Democratic brethren seem dead set on coercing the tax cuts for the top 2% at any cost.  This is coercion as the proponents for the tax cuts are saying, “Either give us the money or we will allow the 6 million unemployed we are holding hostage to freeze to death.”  In any realm other than the Senate of the United States, these gangsters would be arrested, tried, convicted, and jailed.  Many people think the big mafias ceased to exist during the 60s and 70s.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  They simply put Inc. behind their names and began committing their crimes in public for all to see.

Judge Napolitano (ex Federal Judge) of Fox Business’ Freedom Watch comes on the television every day and tells us in no uncertain terms and in detail, how those posing as our government are committing crimes ranging from fraud to treason and everything in between.  And the only thing he is accomplishing in telling us is desensitizing our people.

So what crimes will this government prosecute?  I know there is a zero tolerance in reference to the seat belt law.  But then this law takes a lot of money out of the pockets of the common people and transfers it to the coffers of the rich.  In fact it’s gotten so bad where I live you no longer get a fixit ticket if your tail light bulb burns out; you have to pay something for every citation.  I guess intent is no longer an element when considering the legitimacy of a traffic fine.

This has become such a ruler and ruled system, that if our forefathers were to arise from the grave today they would think they were back in Europe.  What I do not understand is why we keep allowing it to continue.  The majority of us are informed and know what the criminals in our government are doing.  Yet it seems the most courage we have been able to muster thus far, has been to vote one batch of thieves out every two years and vote another batch in.

Let’s get realistic here; every two years there are a new bunch of thieves put forward.  One half of the thieves show you in no uncertain terms that the other half of the thieves are 110% corrupt, while that half shows you the other half is just the same.  And what do we do?  We go out and vote for a thief.  Then we wonder why nothing ever changes.

The fact is we have stood on the soap box and been ignored.   We have gone to the voting box and as previously mentioned we have no vote.  As for the jury box, the corporations own our courts, lock, stock and barrel.  It seems more and more every day that no matter how we try to shy away from it, we are progressively being pushed closer and closer to the cartridge box.

What these tyrants do not realize is that they are making one of the great mistakes repeated throughout history.  That is mistaking the kindness and good nature of the people of the United States for weakness.  There comes a time in every confrontation when you have to say we’ve got the talking part done.  If they refuse us a Tier 5 unemployment extension in this lame duck session of congress, I will have to think that words are not going to change a thing, thus the talking part is done.

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