It’s Time To Break Free – August 15, 2017

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Archive: ITTBF 8-15-17

8 thoughts on “It’s Time To Break Free – August 15, 2017

  1. David, I heard your broadcast and the questions you posed.

    “How to stop memorials from being taken down?” question 1

    I did not call in because I figured your line would be flooded with men saying they would stand armed ready to fire on the first person that lifted a finger to remove it.

  2. Here are the questions from my show notes.
    *How do we put a stop to the monuments being taken down?
    *Do you guys think the event in Charlottsville is real or manufactured?
    *Do any of the listeners agree with the Alt Right?
    *Do any of the listeners feel and or believe America is a white and or christian nation?
    *What should we as awake and freedom loving people be focusing on these days?
    *Should we organize and form a plan?
    *How do we wake more people up?
    *Should we seek out fellow patriots and would you move across country to do so?
    *Do you think there would be value in taking down the guidestones?
    *Do you think there is an economic crash coming? If so how long?
    *What do you think is the future of patriot and alternative media?
    *What are your thoughts on alternative currencies and growing markets not dependent on the federal reserve?

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