It’s Time To Break Free – August 29, 2017

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Archive: ITTBF 8-29-17

34 thoughts on “It’s Time To Break Free – August 29, 2017

    1. I have my neighbors 75lb Malamute/Husky mix inside with me when I do my broadcast, she would fight to the death to protect me (she is my neighbors dog), anywho nobody is getting in here quietly and Mr. Semi Auto 12 Gauge will be spitting buck and slugs through the walls, if I survive that its rifle time and I will snipe each piece of flesh I see from deep in the rooms using the windows. Have fun piggies, I’d love to send you to your maker. So yeah worry not, I will fight hard if they ever try it.

      1. I, for one, knew that you meant it as a reply to tc’s “Or David hit the wrong button.”
        LOL 😉 😀

        1. Damn that tc. He’s one funny f–kin b-tch.
          And there’s David taking my joke all serious.
          Man, don’t tell anybody what you got.
          I got landmines around my house. I’m not telling nobody. Let em figure it out for themselves.

          1. Simple tactics any fighter would employ, nothing special noted.

  1. Walcott, Indiana

    High 79 partly cloudy

    Mild to Medium chemtrails

    3500 lbs of Walgreens pharma – New Berlin, WI to Greensboro, NC 8/30 drop

        1. Well, just dropped in NC, not one drop of rain all night. Had the afterburners on, made good time. Flew over the West Virgina mountains, amazingly no fog either.

          No sign of rain at all currently.

      1. Got a brief downpour earlier. Right now the sun is out with a moderate breeze.
        The wind will dry things out. Very pleasant.

  2. LoL. Talking about people not knowing how to do anything reminded me of Micheal Keaton pretending like he knows what he’s doing.

        1. LoL. When Keaton says 220 221 whatever it takes, Martin Mull gets that split second “this guy is full of sh-t” look on his face.

  3. Thank you everyone for listening and your comments 🙂 I appreciate all the Trenchers and thank you Henry and Laura for all you do 🙂

  4. Thank you David…
    I couldn’t do what you do.
    That goes for Henry and Laura too.

    The amount of effort it takes to produce this time and sacrifice I’m sure is burdening.

    Your cadence and stride is building.

    Like a fk g soldier.

    Keep it up man.

    You still have youth on your side.

    And remember. ..

    Two Rocks dont make a wrong.

    Now… a word from our most outstanding sponsors.

    1. Thank you, it takes me a minimum four hours, I can see I’m having an effect, I can drive the narrative from my show, I like that.

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