It’s Time To Break Free – August 8, 2017

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Archive: ITTBF 8-8-17

13 thoughts on “It’s Time To Break Free – August 8, 2017

  1. They are not like the Germans, they are armed to the teeth. They, the Americans, have revolution in their blood.

    First time I heard this I was shocked to learn that other peoples see us this way. I hope we don’t let them down totally.

    Hearing it again today was awesome and reminded me of our responsibility as American Nationals.

    1. Somebody cringed when Ernst said we have revolution in our blood. Better shut this stuff up QUICK, they might actually rise up. Click, bye, bye.

  2. Sounds like an archive now. Will keep the broadcast up in case you get back on, David.

    Great video clip you played at the beginning. galen was completely right in her cry that all people hear this.

  3. David, when you came back from bottom of the break, you said you thought the phone line was up of which it was, although I tried to speak and you did not hear me, and I’m certain that I was unmuted. I actually tried a couple times to get your attention. Perhaps something was muted on your end?

    1. Its possible Katie, I ended up juggling a whole bunch of programs/settings around trying to keep the broadcast running, either way the archive will be full and intact.

  4. Sorry about that folks, archive coming soon, my internet connection dropped multiple times during the broadcast.

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