It’s Time To Break Free – July 25, 2017

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Archive: ITTBF 7-25-17

15 thoughts on “It’s Time To Break Free – July 25, 2017

  1. Hey David.
    You are going out loud and proud at Perimeter Radio (Hal Apeeno’s channel) 87.9 micro fm.
    Thank you for your service.

      1. Thank you Hal and your welcome, shall I identify your channel as “Perimeter Radio”? Am I pronouncing your name wrong? I just say it like jalapeno.

        1. I’m just joking around David. It just doesn’t sound as Italian when you say it ;).
          Your pronunciation is fine brother, and I get a kick out of Henry calling it the Hal Apeeno channel, so you’re good there as well. Hell, maybe I’ll change it.
          What’s important (as you know) is folks hearing the truth my friend.
          I just had a frisk-on, and me and the dogs were battling in the house, outside, on the dogs bench, etc.
          Today is the first chance I got to listen to your report live, and glad that you chose to do it.

          Shoot……Batteries are low early. I got to go start the generator.
          All is good David.

          Ps. My name is really Daniel

          1. Pleasure to meet you, I’m glad to get the truth out as best I can and to continue learning while doing so.

          2. Ok, I just hadn’t read all the comments before I asked if Hal Apeeno was your real name.

            Daniel is a fine name, hello Daniel. 🙂

    1. Alright, Hal, I must ask, if I may, is this your real name? And is it not pronounced precisely as it’s spelled?
      Not sure where the accent should go.


    1. Thank you Katie, its a bit tricky hearing the callers so be more forceful getting in if need be.

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