Time For Buttigieg And Biden To Go

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Pete Buttigieg disqualified himself for the presidency when he stole the blankets and cold weather gear from the homeless of South Bend. It will be 16 degrees F tomorrow morning in the mayor’s hometown. What he did was wait until the homeless had gone to a Mission that fed breakfast to the poor. Then he sent a city crew in to take every possession the homeless had which included their blankets and warm weather gear. If a Republican had done that, we would have heard about it. That is a problem for Democrats. They won’t vet candidates to weed out the bad ones before receiving the nomination. Do they prefer to see a few million dollars in ads in October 2020 after the first cold blast of air to tell people that Buttigieg does not care about people who are powerless? 

I suggest that Tulsi Gabbard or maybe Sanders or Warren get a Volkswagen bus load of homeless and drive them to Iowa to meet the voters, especially those going to see Buttigieg. Let him defend his actions in front of the camera. Not one Corporate Media pundit asked him to date. I did find one article that said Mayor Pete fined a man in a poor non-white (black and Latino) neighborhood thousands of dollars for failing to mow his grass.

Has anyone followed this up to see how many homeless have died?

Biden ‘really doesn’t have it.  Barack Obama

Joe Biden was paid $900,000 for lobbying efforts from Burisma Holdings in Ukraine.

“Mr Lutsenko stated that there was also a payment of $900,000 to Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC for consulting fees. Hunter Biden is a partner in Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC along with Devon Archer and the dates of this transaction are approximately anywhere from January to December 2015. According to Mr. Lutsenko the $900,000 invoice was for services rendered for lobbying by Joe Biden.”

“President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko [who Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in US loan guarantees] told Mr. Shokin not to investigate Burisma as it was not in the interest of Joe and/or Hunter Biden. Mr. Shokin was called into Mr. Poroshenko’s office and told that the investigation into Burisma and the Managing Director where Hunter Biden is on the board, has caused Joe Biden to hold up one billion dollars in US aid to Ukraine.

On a different point Mr. Shokin believes the current Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch denied his visa to travel to the US. Mr. Shokin stated that she is close to Mr. Biden.

Yuriy Lutsenko:

Lutsenko takes Shokin’s interview one step further in a January 25 phone interview with Giuliani and associates – describing how Ukraine has two secretive units which are protected by a US Ambassador.

“Mr. Lutsenko went on to explain that there is a unit called Specialized Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAP) which has under its purview National Anticorruption Bureau Ukraine (NABU) which investigates corruption cases that involved public figures from Mayors upward. He stated that the current US Ambassador protects SAP and NABU,” adding “His office has absolutely no control over SAP or NABU and can’t even ask what they are working on however they fall under his “control.”

Of note, NABU was established in October 2014 “by Mr. George Kent who was the Deputy Chief to the Mission in Ukraine.”

But weren’t Kent and Yovanovitch star witnesses for the Democrats at the Impeachment hearings?

Ukrainian Prosecutor General indicted Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky who has gone missing.

The claim alleges that Hunter Biden and his partners received $16.5 million for their ‘services’

Time for Democrats to cut their losses and get rid of both Biden and Buttigieg. Biden will leave as soon as liberal journalists start asking him questions about bribery. Isn’t it against the law for the Vice President of the United States to take a $900,000  in payment from a foreign nation receiving over $5 billion in US aid?

As for Buttigieg, he took the blankets away from the homeless. Maybe a campaign manager for Warren or Sanders can get a bus load of these homeless men and women and help them follow Buttigieg around Iowa. Iowa voters know what cold weather can do to a human being. It will be 16 degrees tomorrow morning in South Bend. Americans will never elect him President.  No matter whether he is cruel or just incapable of thinking things through, he should make way for another moderate Democrat to lead the charge against Bernie Sanders.

Elizabeth Warren is fading fast because her spending plans frighten Democrats with brains. She has been touting a Wealth Tax but has refused to use it to pay for her healthcare program. That means she will have to pass a wealth tax and then other taxes in excess of tens of trillions of dollars. That won’t work. There is a limit on how many taxes you can raise from the economy before killing it.

John Kerry has been campaigning for Joe Biden.

If you believe Osama bin Laden did 911, then you must believe that John Kerry, Biden, Hillary and Obama are traitors in the sense that gave aid to the enemy of the US.

In 2014 Secretary of State John Kerry gave 400 trucks that met US Special Forces design requirements to Al Nusra which originally was known as Al Qaeda in Syria. Al Nusra then gave those trucks to ISIS which had originally been known as AL Qaeda in Iraq. So Kerry and Obama gave aid to the enemies of America. Then what did they do?

ISIS used the 400 trucks from America to invade Iraq and take Anbar province which included Mosul. The Pentagon had refused to deliver the planes Iraq had purchased. And Obama refused to let his USAF and Navy planes in the area bomb the invading ISIS forces. These are the men who cruelly raped and enslaved the women of Iraq, especially the Yazidis.

It’s time that the Democrats stop supporting the Warmongers. I do regret that Democrats won’t give Tulsi Gabbard a fair chance at the nomination, the only one with serious anti-war credentials.

This is a video made by an activist from South Bend reveling the cruelty of Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

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  1. Right/Left. And don’t forget to vote. Tulsi is anti-war.

    I could not believe what I was reading! Who is Video Rebel?



  3. “I do regret that Democrats won’t give Tulsi Gabbard a fair chance at the nomination, she is another one with serious anti-gun, anti-Bill of rights credentials.”

    There, fixed it for this “rebel”

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