Time to Roll Back All Gun Bans

gun banWND – by Joseph Farah

Someone asked me recently what might make a good compromise with those at war with the Second Amendment.

My answer is there is no compromise. In fact, we have compromised too much in the past, opening the door for the banning of classifications of firearms that will, if unchecked and not reversed, lead inevitably to an American society devoid of the weapons of meaningful self-defense – both against criminals and future tyrants.

In my opinion, the National Rifle Association’s initiative to provide armed guards at every school in America is ill-advised, timid and, in the long run, counterproductive.

It could even be embraced by the left to expand what is rapidly becoming a police state in America.

The answer is not just to fight current gun grabs and future gun grabs, it’s to push for the rollback of all previous bans on the classification of firearms – including automatics.

I say this as someone immersed in the tactics and strategy of the left. The left always pushes for more than they expect to achieve politically. Their results are surprisingly effective over the long run.

When God-fearing, liberty-minded citizens see a tragedy like Sandy Hook, we need to push for more arms in the hands of good citizens, not fewer. The reason that massacre happened is because there were no good armed people around to counter the attack.

Having just returned from Israel, and having served there as a Middle East correspondent during the early days of terrorism, I can tell you that the first terror attacks were shootings. Armed terrorists would plot an attack on a café. But they were not successful, because Israel is a society where citizens are universally armed. So when terrorists would fire their first shots into a restaurant or other public place, they would be quickly shot down by armed citizens. This is why Middle East terrorists resorted to suicide bombings.

Switzerland also has a very low crime rate and has ben devoid of the kind of massacres we witnessed at Sandy Hook. Why? Because the Swiss people are heavily armed. You can see artillery pieces on the front lawns of Swiss homeowners. They have automatic weapons. This is the reason for the low crime rate, and, as an added benefit, it ensures against tyranny and foreign attack.

It’s time for those of us who believe in the Constitution to point to these examples as goals for America.

Let’s not just oppose gun grabs. Let’s lobby for both the expansion of a true understanding of and a complete respect for our unalienable right to bear arms – not just pea shooters, but firearms that are the equivalent of those used by the military and increasingly the civilian government bureaucracies like Homeland Security.

If the government acknowledges – and it does – that firearms prevent attacks on government officials, surely they also must admit firearms prevent attacks on private individuals.

It’s simple logic. It’s a winning argument.

We’ve compromised too much in the past and these compromises have opened the door for more gun grabs.

It’s time for the citizens to get on offense – demanding an expansion of the kind of firearms available to the American public.

Why should we trust a government that sends automatic weapons to the drug cartels in Mexico but denies them to honest, law-abiding American citizens?

Why should we trust a government that sends firearms and even anti-aircraft weapons and F-16s to Muslim Brotherhood groups in the Mideast, but denies them to honest, law-abiding American citizens?

Something is wrong here. Something is obviously wrong.

It’s not time to compromise. It’s time to demand our most basic civil rights. Remember, the Second Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights. Americans don’t compromise with the Bill of Rights. These are limitations on government power, not limitations on people power.

So let’s raise the stakes. Let’s up the ante. Instead of debating whether or not we will accept new infringements on our constitutional rights, let’s roll back the previous infringements of our constitutional rights – starting with every gun ban we’ve accepted over the last 150 years.

We might not be successful at getting all we demand. But we’ll sure reframe the debate and keep America from descending into tyranny.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/01/time-to-roll-back-all-gun-bans/#DYguw0kFWRFRhjFZ.99

27 thoughts on “Time to Roll Back All Gun Bans

  1. I hate seeing American rights being compared to the Israeli model of their apartheid nation whose terror events are self inflicted by those they’ve dispossessed of their land & farms.
    Moreover, it is the same devious tribe who are the primary cheerleaders for disarming the Goyim here in the US (they call us cattle).
    We need to distance ourselves from that group of maniacs & never attempt to emulate them, their laws, traditions or ways.

  2. farah is an israeli ass kisser and a traitor should be put up against a wall and shot. he will never admit it is the jews behind gun bans and everything else ruining this country

  3. I’m a troll?? you are the one and I bet you are in israel read up on farah he is a traitor who puts israel ahead of the US

    1. He lives in Wisconsin, moron.

      And not calling you a moron just for that comment, either. I saw your comment on the 22LR ammo, and I’M telling you I’VE seen TONS of 22LR ammo.


      1. Go to Walmart. I think 22LR’s are the only ammo they’ve got left and they have tons of them. So I agree with you, #1. And not just Walmart, but Academy of Sports and Outdoors, too.

        1. CORRECTION: Austin, TX has a lot of 22 Short range bullets but no 22LRs. I just went back to Walmart to grab some Shotgun ammo and was talking with some guy who said that he couldn’t find 22LR’s anywhere even at Academy Sports or any of the gun shops. Walmart itself only had 22 Short range but no 22LRs. So my bad on my comment earlier.

          1. what happened I thought there were tons of 22 ammo. and nwo hater you are a liar proved by saying there is plenty of 22 ammo and you lie about israel also

      2. #1, NC, Digs, etc,
        Thanks, that pretty well covers the bulk of the country reporting in. TPTB do not consider .22’s to be of any offensive use. Because of that .22’s and ammo are still available. By the time they realize their hubris, it very well could be too late.
        In the film THE PATRIOT Benjamin Martin tells his young sons, “Aim small, miss small.”
        That line was not in the script. Mel Gibson added it after hearing it from the Technical advisor that taught the actors how to load and fire their flintlocks.
        The story goes somewhat like this, if you aim at a man and miss you missed. If you aim at a button and miss, you still hit the man.
        With a .22 aiming small is how a shooter is going to score.
        Well,, thats enough pontificating for me tonight.

    2. UKA…

      Stout heart pal, hold your ground…you are right
      There are those of us who recognize the enemy…& their 5th column supporters….who have your back…& Dave’s also!!!

      To HELL w/ the self-chosen….& their supporters!

      1. If you think that any of us here at FTT in ANY way support Israhell or the Zionst AshkeNAZI so-called ‘jews’ there, then you’re a moron too. The author could have been talking about Sri Lanka for all the difference it would have made. The point of the article was to show how an armed population can prevent shooters from becoming mass murderers. THIS is the point, in case you somehow missed it, I’ll reprint it for you –

        ” Armed terrorists would plot an attack on a café. But they were not successful, because Israel is a society where citizens are universally armed. So when terrorists would fire their first shots into a restaurant or other public place, they would be quickly shot down by armed citizens. This is why Middle East terrorists resorted to suicide bombings.”

        Argue with that, and you’re DEFINITELY a moron.

        1. you are a liar nw hater you went ballistic when I attacked your jew masters. you and farah are traitors and worship israel.that is why anything the traitor farah has to say I ignore. how do you get around the fact the the jews in washington and mayors etc are staunch allies of israel as well as farah

          1. A LIAR? MOI?


            You are without a doubt one of the lamest and most obvious trolls I’ve ever seen on this site. A retarded five year old could do better than that. You should have stayed in school until you at LEAST made it through the third grade, then you might have something to work with. I could EASILY back up my claim with photos, but I won’t bother wasting my time, because you are so pitifully worthless as an opponent, and I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person – no – make that TOTAL MORON. Time for you to find another site to post your woefully inadequate tripe on, you’re WAY out of your league here, cupcake!

            btw, good thing I don’t know where you live, or you’d be sucking down your meals through a straw for the next couple of months for calling me a liar, bitch. Now take your toys and run along now, like a good little troll.

            p.s. I’m hoping you don’t find ANY ammo ANYWHERE. We need stupid people like you removed from the gene pool, anyway.

        2. Sadly, the more people that wake up, the more TROLLSs we have to deal with also.
          I stand by my original assesment:

          1. It sure is #1! One would think that we are the morons. Yet we spot a troll quicker than a fart in the wind.
            HAHAHA, I had him on his first post!
            We’re getting too good at this sh##!

          2. Like #1 says @ 8:53 rhumstruck. Damned right it is troll slammin` time #! and rhumstruck!!!!!!!!. Just where did this uka come from. Seems like “IT” just showed up this last week or so. Looks like that Gunsmith is supporting uka also according to what Gunsmith said @ 5:26PM above about having uka`s back Think they might be working together?

          3. Digger, I went back to the top and I question Dave also. He missed the point that an armed society prevents mass shootings.
            I don’t belive he has been here before

          4. Yea rhumsstruck @ 10:09, I questioned that Dave guy also but I erased him at my comment @ 9:58. When are them TROLLS going to understand that they are not welcome here. I`m in a real pissy attutude today if ya can tell so I`m trying to keep the attitude to myself. I don`t need to be kicked off this site `couse of bad language and threatening a F`n troll. I`m havein` a real shitty day – frozen water pipes and the damned car won`t start, and the people I know won`t answere their phones. I can count on millard but he`s at work all day.

      2. thanks gunsmith anyone supports pissrael is a traitor. the jews on wall st tel aviv and washington have looted us for trillions and trying to take our guns

        1. If you think for one minute that you are going to be talking that crap to us guys and get away with it here you should think again and go to a more appropriate site more to the likes of the crowd that you seem to support cause if you think we will stand for your bad mouthing us guys here , think again uka. Go find a different site to trash talk. If you think we support Isreal – you go F**K YOURSELF uka.

  4. Just so everyone knows. It’s beginning. I have been to Walmart and Academy of sports and outdoors. They are limiting ammo purchases to 3 boxes per day for Walmart and 3 boxes per month for Academy of Sports and Outdoors. The rationing of ammo has now begun. So far the smaller gun shops are still not doing the rationing thing but the AR and AK rifles are soaring through the roof. People are even waiting at 2am for the truck to arrive at Academy of Sports and Outdoors in order to purchase 9mm bullets. Just giving everyone a heads up.

  5. One reason Switzerland has a low crime rate is because of the ugly R word: race. They are all of the same race and therefore have a strong solidarity with one another. They don’t have one or more minorities who practice victimhood for a living. Also, I suspect that they have kept their jobs at home, rather than outsourcing them.

    Farah, while maybe not an outright zionist, takes a right-wing view on things, strong enough to avoid telling the truth about zionism and other issues. I stopped going to WND years ago, when it became clear that he supported the Iraq invasion.

    I visited a local ammo dealer recently. He had ammo in supply, but it was twice the price or higher than it had been before the Sandy Hook gold rush. However, anyone who was paying attention bought up plenty of ammo, long ago. I knew someone ten years ago who had 3K rounds for his weapon. Unless you are doing live-fire war games or burning up hundreds of rounds at the shooting range every week, that should be enough. Ditto for weapons. I’ve known people who owned dozens. I feel sorry for anyone who is just now waking up.

    Take your banned weapons and ammo, wrap them in plastic and bury them in a 50-gal drum full of oil or something. When they come knocking, just say that the things were stolen. Let them search your house. I sorta doubt that they’ll take the time to search every square inch of your property.

    Finally, if you still live in the city, get out now, while you can. The time for doing so was years ago, but you can still make it with some sacrifice. Your guns won’t save you when there are armed mobs in the streets. Find some tillable land and start learning to live on it.

    1. Yeah, bury your guns. They can’t protect you against armed mobs. What do you think, we are f#@cking stupid?
      Just tell them they were stolen?
      Again, do you think they are f#@cking stupid?
      These are Bolsheviks. They will torture you until you tell them where your barrel with a gun is and then execute you for having it, or for not having it.

      PEOPLE! Listen close. Use them or lose them. Our enemies intend to kill us, guns or no guns.

      1. BINGO!

        The ostrich approach won’t fly (yes) with these killers.

        Sticking your head OR your guns in the sand is suicide.

        Guaranteed, every time.

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