To Be Happy In America Today, You Need To Steal, Cheat And Con Everybody You Come In Contact With.

Let’s face it; buying a new car in today’s environment is something akin to insanity. The cars today are for the most part, impossible to work on unless you are a professional technician trained to diagnose via the new computer systems. These systems require expensive diagnostic equipment costing in the thousands of dollars, on top of the insane sticker price of the car.

The auto manufacturers have designed these new cars around computer platforms that quite frankly require us to attend diagnosis workshops so we at least deal with the check engine light intelligently, and all of this cost big money. 

Buying a new car today is not what it used to be, auto manufacturers are playing us like the mafia plays us at the roulette tables, in the long run, you can’t win.

Walk into any new car dealership, and you will find dozens of new car technicians waiting anxiously inside the repair bays armed with their diagnostic equipment ready to charge you an insane fee just to tell you what is wrong with your car.

That check engine light is referred by them as the money light.

If you are starting a new business and want to succeed, buying a new car is the last thing you should be doing. In today’s environment, a new house and a new car is going to ruin you unless you have a huge amount of money already saved in the bank, this of course, if you are thinking about starting your own business.

Our communist leaders in Washington have given so much free rein to the automotive corporate monsters, that quite frankly, has ruined the new car experience for 95% of the American Nationals in today’s environment.

Business start ups are failing at an insane pace, and the main reason why is because of the new normal when new cars and homes are concerned.

If you want to start a new business today, the only way you will succeed is if you’re an enemy invader coming from another country given all kinds of cushy perks by the commie leadership in Washington bent on the corporate globalism tactics.

You all know what I’m talking about. All the free handouts that are nothing more than treason and sedition aimed at ruining you and I, to give the enemy a hand up.

This forces us to take a low paying job that isn’t sufficient to live a happy life. If you’re lucky enough to have a decent job, it probably isn’t conducive towards a good family environment because you’re probably never going to be around the house much causing big problems down the road.

A happy life in America today is currently no longer in sight as a 22 trillion dollar debt has taken its toll creating billionaires who have ruined it for everybody else.

They say, “Work hard and you can achieve anything in America”. Never before have those words become nothing more than a load of shit.

14 thoughts on “To Be Happy In America Today, You Need To Steal, Cheat And Con Everybody You Come In Contact With.

  1. Which is why we only buy used vehicles, “check engine” light and all….some car repair person once told my hubby the “check engine” light was strictly designed to not indicate a damned thing…our check engine light has been flashing for roughly six years to no effect! And we built our house on property costing about 6K back in the early 80s. House materials cost about 10K, water well 4K….that’s $20,000 and now we could easily sell it for 100K! But anyway, Mark, I catch your drift…..Gen Y and Z (my kids and grandkids) will have a helluva time with it…

    1. disconnect battery then connect battery….should stop that check engine light….until next time
      mine used to come on ( a few times per year) and that solved the issue

  2. Anyone trying to start a business today is insane. I wish them the best but the deck is stacked and is intentionally designed to work against YOU. It’s being(has been) structured to allow only large corporations to thrive or grow, while squashing the small guy. I’ve been self-employed for 25 years now and it has never been so evident. I won’t cry when the wetback across the street from me who does western union money transfers gets robbed again but I’ll be sad when the barber does(not the OTHER barber next to me that caters to the more “international”crowd. So progressive. ..

  3. Coming from a small business owner
    This hit the nail on the head

    Anyone want to buy a Heavy Industrial Maintenance company?
    I been at this shit 40 years , I’ve had enough

  4. We live in Bic Land, everything is disposable and every item is made to fail.
    When Henry Ford started his production line for the Model A and Model T, the machine was built so that the employee making it could afford to own it and could easily work on every inch of it. Even clear up into the 70s, this was the theme that America ran on. Chevy parts would fit on any Chevy with the only differences being big block, small block, and gear ratios in most instances. Even a lot of the body parts were interchangeable.
    It is called efficiency, because if something went wrong you didn’t have to go down to the dealership and have your vehicle plugged into a $65,000 machine to tell you that your seat heater malfunctioned and that is why your motor won’t start, followed by an estimated repair over $1000. Back in the day, most every part that didn’t fail were salvaged and worn completely out.
    I mean, what is a car really, other than a horizontal elevator? A nice big car with a big comfortable seat, a heater and an air conditioner, what would anything else be other than something else to be repaired that you cannot repair yourself?
    And it is not just the cars, everything manufactured today, the design flaws like the use of too light or too weak of material are on purpose. When I was young, some things you bought were made to last your whole life, like a gun. There was no plastic on a gun. Plastic deteriorates and starts cracking.
    Last week I had to replace the bolt stock pin on Laura’s 10/22. The gun is about eight years old. When I looked at the broken pin, it didn’t even look like pot metal. I swear to you, it looked like some kind of cement. I cut a brass pin and put it in and the first chance I get I’ll replace all the other pins with brass. But hell, 90% of the trigger mechanism is made out of plastic. Designed to fail.
    Everything made out there is for the person to use maybe once a year for an hour or two, and even at that, be destroyed in a couple of years. Everything is disposable.
    They have jacked up the prices of wood and especially steal to the point that if you want to design your own that will last the rest of your life and that your son can give to your grandson, the cost is completely prohibitive.
    This deliberate downgrading is to increase the manufacturing of shit items that were as you used to buy one that would last for a couple of lifetimes, you now have to buy that same item every couple of years. It is waste and an insult to the intelligence, but it keeps the slave junk and the money changing hands.
    Remember back when the Japanese shit first started coming into this country? We laughed at it and called it Japanese junk because that is what it was and that is what it is. Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Korean, and Indian junk, and now it is all that is available.
    The part of the strength of our country has always been the durability of the superior product we produced. I think I heard someone say something about a Corvette being produced in the United States. If it is an old Corvette, maybe, but what they call produced in the United States today, is cheap parts produced without any quality control being sent from all over the world and assembled by $15 an hour foreigners on our soil.
    We used to be the best. We used to build the best and we could afford the best because we operated on a national economy where slave labor was not allowed. Now our products are just more Japanese junk with USA stamped on it.
    We wouldn’t put our name on this work because we are not doing this work and our standard of living has been decimated as the internationalists running this scam build their mountains of gold from our resources, producing junk with slave labor and then them selling us the same product over and over and over again, like a Bic lighter.
    You are right on with this one, Mark, and it isn’t going to stop until we stop it.

    1. Thank you, Henry. Your description of all the junk manufacturing got me thinking that those who preach to us on our abuse of the environment contributing to “climate change” should be held accountable for their half-a-century practice of planned obsolescence. It is they who have contaminated and overloaded the landfills.

      Another thing about a thing of quality… be it a piece of furniture, cookware, a firearm, a car, or whatever is manufactured, it gives you a feeling that something is intrinsically right, something is inherently correct. Maybe it has something to do with the human body, that it just resonates with quality on a physical level. I can only judge it from inside myself, but when I’m around something of quality, so well-made and even beautiful, whether in its appearance or its practicality, it gives me the impression of a world of integrity and I want to continue being around it.

      When you say, “We used to be the best. We used to build the best…” I can only hope for a return to that level of commitment and pride. It will require an effort to get us back there but that standard lives as a model of what we’re capable of. I believe in us and our ability to return to that level, once we take care of the blood-sucking tyrants and their henchmen.


  5. Thank you, Mark. All so true. The anxiety of buying a new or used car is just off the charts. All the unknowns about the vehicle, the outrageous cost, the likely debt. I think this car-buying dilemma is something so many experience but don’t yet know its a universal trap set out to get us. More light needs to be shed on this and I hope your excellent article will open the door for many other writers to take this on.


  6. “To Be Happy In America Today, You Need To Steal, Cheat And Con Everybody You Come In Contact With.”

    I won’t live this way. Is this why I’m not on a constant “happy” high?

    A couple yrs. ago I went into the Ford dealership to get a spare key made. The guy quotes me approximately 175 bucks of which I immediately said, “What!? I can get a key made for about 4 bucks.” He proceeds to tell me that due to blah, blah, blah it costs this much. This is a 2002 Ford Explorer. So we share 1 key.

    The other cars are 1999’s.

  7. Remember back when the Japanese shit first started coming into this country?

    yes, yes i do. also remember bumber stickers that said buy american.

    it’s a whores market in most every corner and they are all racing to the bottom first for a worthless currency.

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