To my comrades of color:

As a general rule, the readers of alternative news are of slightly higher intelligence than readers of the National Enquirer, and I’d dare to say that they’re probably more intelligent than the average American too. That being the case, I never expected there would be a reason to address our political struggle from the standpoint of race, but in light of the recent racist propaganda and provocations that are being unleashed upon our society by the Zionists’ media and paid shills, I think there may be a few things to discuss in that arena.

Firstly, I think we’re all aware of the Zionists’ motive for encouraging racial strife, and I believe has given us recent proof of them doing exactly that. We all know (or should know) why one insignificant shooting has dominated the Zionist media, and we’re all familiar with the Zionists’ long history of inciting racial hatred in this country to keep Americans divided, and distracted from learning who their real enemy is.    

And let’s not confuse this discussion with too many names. Whether it’s the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, or just “the government”, it all traces back to the Zionist bankers and Zionist-owned corporations working the puppet strings from the top of the ladder, so for reasons of ease and accuracy, I refer to “the powers that be” as simply “the Zionists”, because they’re always up there at the top, and keeping that fact in mind helps everyone put all the puzzle pieces together in this mental battle through the layers of deception that keep people distracted and confused about what’s actually going on in the world.

I expect that we’ll see some FBI agents donning their hoods and burning a few crosses somewhere in the next week or two, or maybe Shabazz and whatever idiots follow him will create the next headline, but rest assured that the Zionists will be working very hard to create racial unrest in this country, and if you’re watching their TV for any amount of time, you’re not likely to escape it.

For this reason, we need to nip this nonsense in the bud, because the last thing any of us need right now is an additional war to fight, especially a war between fellow American Nationals that’s being instigated between us by our common enemy. Anyone who allows themselves to fall victim to this base propaganda hasn’t learned a thing about our government and media, because there’s nothing going on now that hasn’t been done many times in the past. It’s been done before and is being done again to insure that we can never dig ourselves out of the slavery imposed upon us all by our corrupt monetary system, at the hands of the Zionist bankers who have used it to steal most of our wealth, and now seek to take the last of it by ending our lives in the process.

We have a real war to fight, and it’s a war that we’re going to win, and that’s exactly why the Zionists are so desperate to see us fighting each other instead.

I’m not going to lie to you and say “there’s no racism in America.” There most certainly is, and probably will be for another generation, at least. The slavery and oppression of blacks in America took place only a few generations ago, and since so much of our behavior amounts to imitation of our parents, some of the racism still lingers on in both white and black people. It’s a wound that only time can heal, and that time has yet to pass for everyone, but the majority of Americans on both sides of the fence have worked hard to put the ugliness of our past behind us, and move forward as one people, united by the belief that we can live in a free, and just society.

And I’ll also admit that we’re far from achieving that perfectly free and just society, but we do make constant progress in the direction of that ideal, and will continue to do so as long as we can keep ourselves from being fooled by those whose only means of survival and retaining power relies on their ability to keep everyone confused. Intelligence defeats them and racial violence helps their cause, so it’s unwise and detrimental to allow anyone to be drawn into their service by the influence of hoaxes, provocateurs, and propaganda.

Secondly, I’d ask you to make an historic study of who you’re being used to fight against. Just as the Zionists have duped much of America into thinking that Arabs, or Muslims are their enemy, their deceptions also include inducing black Americans into thinking that “whitey” is their enemy.

In the interests of accuracy, we should look at the numbers instead of the name-calling. There were only a relatively small handful of white people who ever owned slaves in this country, but there were a half-million white Yankees who risked their lives for their freedom, and if we take a hard look at the slave trade itself, we discover that the entire business was run by Jews.

Jews aren’t “white”, but they do blend in well, and a long history of adopting Christian names has always helped them do exactly that. I contend that they’re not “white” because they’re of a different culture, and harbor a completely different concept of morality than Christian white people do. Don’t be fooled by skin color.

The descendants of the old Jewish slave traders are the same people behind the racist provocations of today, and they’re also still in the slave business, but it’s now operated financially instead of with bull whips, and it now it includes the enslavement of white people as well as blacks.

The point is that Christian whites and blacks are in the same boat, and are being attacked by the same people, and it’s these very same people that seek to have us attacking each other. It’s important that everyone sees through these deceptions so we can all move forward to the real freedom that our constitution describes.

Thirdly, I’d like to discuss a new America that’s in the process of being created. It’s an America that welcomes black people to be part of its foundation instead of existing as the remnants of historic slavery. It’s an America that will guarantee freedom and justice for all, through strict adherence to the constitution and bill of rights. It’s an America that’s yet to be etched in stone, and may include separatist states where blacks can have their own economies if they feel they’ll never be treated as equals in “white America”.

There’s a lot to be discussed, and the possibilities are endless, but one thing that’s certain is that black people will fare much better in the new America than they have in the past, because the Zionist-controlled politicians and corporate executives will no longer be in power. Instead, the hard-working Christians, both white and black will rule. You’ll be dealing with the white people you’ve worked side-by-side with for decades, and NOT the people who have profited from your oppression.

Instead of being duped into fighting against “whitey”, form citizen militias to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, because we all have a lot to gain by our success, and we’ll all lose everything if we fail. This is certainly no time to be fighting against each other, because when we re-claim our country this time, the land is going to those who fight for it.

Do you still want the forty acres and a mule you’ve been promised? Don’t make me laugh. Fight with us instead of against us, and you’re going to own the whole plantation when this is over.     —  Jolly Roger 

“If we had been allowed to participate in the vital process of America’s national growth, what would have been the textures of our lives, the pattern of our traditions, the routine of our customs, the state of our arts, the code of our laws, the function of our government ! …. we black folk say that America would have been stronger, and greater”.      — Richard Wright. 

15 thoughts on “To my comrades of color:

  1. Really glad I found his site. Like minded individuals sounding off to unite all against the evil empire we are under.

  2. There’s another reason why all this focus on the Zimmerman case and Snowden; Obama Inc and fellow traitors are working on something called the “Trans Pacific Partnership” and if you haven’t heard about it, start researching.
    It will put NAFTA to shame and ship what few good paying jobs are left out of this country, give those ‘Too Big to Fail’ banks even more power and less oversight, dump toxic food onto our shores and other traitorous affairs.

    Here’s a good link to start reading up about this POS agreement.

  3. When people realize the ZIONIST’S are “MERCHANT’S OF CHAOS AND FEAR ” things will change as fear freeze’s everything! That’s their tool to hold the whole planet down so you don’t look and do nothing!
    Did you ever hide under the cover’s when you were scared by whatever? Well that fear made you simply not look and kept you under the pillow!

    Once you get over your fear and take on these “MERCHANT’S” we have a chance but it takes the things that are considered tough and do it!

  4. JR, you hit the nail on the head with this article. We all know what needs to be done and the sooner, the better.

  5. Extremely well written article, JR.

    This Satanic cult has been doing the same thing for centuries. There’s nothing new under the sun.

    Rest assured, their next target is Christians.

    It’s already happening.

  6. Good work, JR! Sick and tired of racism on all sides, and we all need to get together knowing whom the fight is against–the criminal psychopathic elites and all cointelpro-like operations.

  7. Good job Mr JR lets hope this op (riots) crashes
    They put a lot of work in to setting this up and i hope to be LMAO if it fails

    It is time for the “RULING CLASS” to stop feeding and servicing these who think they are ELITE
    Yes we who grow the food ,fight their wars and build and service the machines ,roads and buildings we Are the ruling class and its time to act like it
    Get together and feed the pigs with these scum DO NoT LET THEM SEPERATE US

  8. I can’t say I like this notion that only “White & Black Christians” are going to be inheriting the “New America”. There are a lot of us US Citizens who:

    a) are a mixture of many different cultures &heritages – we aren’t White or Black

    b) don’t subscribe to any of the 3 ludicrous, antiquated Abrahamic religions.

    We were born in this country and we have every right live here equally and not have the Christians, Jews or Muslims try to push any of their own peculiar faiths & practices on us -or- try to marginalize & penalize us because we have different beliefs, or no religious beliefs.

  9. Excellent article, JR.

    Although yesterday, I nearly got into a fist fight with a black guy who felt the need to turn his music up real loud with his boomboxes blasting in a deafening earthquake roar in a nice neighborhood while he was waiting for his pizza. So after I yelled at him, he went back to his car and turned his music up louder in which case everyone started getting on his case. Apparently this attention getter is still living in his racial bullshit and gave me this smirk, trying to get me to do something. Evidently he must have not liked the verdict of the Trayvon/Zimmerman thing and was taking his shit out on the world. What a loser.

    If WE THE PEOPLE don’t do something quick to change our country back to normal, (to the Constitution as it was intended), the government will soon be the least of our problems.

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