To Trenchers, et. al.

When we first started From the Trenches World Report, we did so, literally with nothing, using the internet from the library, which meant sitting down by the library for hours upon hours.  It was always our intent that this site become solvent and pay for itself, plus enough to keep us afloat as we worked eighty to ninety hours a week to grow the site.

When people started becoming regulars on the site, contrary to every other site, we encouraged them to make individual contacts with one another to bring our people closer together.  The reason no other sites do this is because eventually you get people who start using the site for their own individual purposes in manipulating that which they do not agree with and intercepting revenues that would otherwise go to the site.

But again, as it was our intent for the site to be solvent, we stuck to our original effort to bring our people together as close as possible.

When we refused to back away from the truth about the Jews, the site was close to becoming solvent through the ad revenue.  Of course, the Jews who control the currency in this country, hand in hand with the Judeo Christians who put their service to a foreign government above their allegiance to their own people and our freedom and liberty, conducted a campaign to remove our ad revenues to the point that the site now exists purely on donations and $30 per month in ad revenue.

When a true patriot like Spike Timmons or Koyote Mark face a tragedy, we have asked our people to help their loved ones, knowing it would pull away revenues from the site, but it was necessary in being true in practicing what we preach.

There are now individuals who have made sure to establish contact with every person they know to be a donor and outside the site, contact the donors to extract revenue for themselves.  These people make more money than we do and are taking from the site that they do not work eighty to ninety hours a week constantly at battle to keep the site up so that it can serve its purpose.  And though the donors do not realize it, they are taking from more than just one of you.

It has now reached the point to where after paying the bills, we are left with nothing.  This will be the first year since our first grandchild was born fourteen years ago that we will not be able to even go see them, let alone give them anything.

It has reached the point that if one donor stopped donating, the site would be gone for lack of funds and Laura and I would have to find other employment to survive just because of a couple of mother f-kers who have used the site for their personal gain when they are not putting in eighty to ninety hours of work fighting to do the impossible.

If the site disappears I want the good people who have done so much to keep the site up to know why.  If you think we deserve to live with nothing as our reward for doing what no other has ever done in holding the line, then I guess all will receive exactly what they deserve, except those who truly were in the Trenches to fight exclusively for our supreme law, our liberty, and our freedom.

To you f-king leaches I say you are f-king filth and have betrayed the only people with the f-king guts to stand up out front and tell the truth and try to unite you, may you rot in hell with your backs broke.

The site will remain up as long as it is feasible to do so.  We would have never backed away from the fight, but if the site goes down it will be through sleaze.

Merry Christmas.

The Bill of Rights is the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, death to sleaze, may the good in us prevail in spite of the sleaze.

17 thoughts on “To Trenchers, et. al.

  1. If this site goes away let it be because we have succeeded in killing the corporate mafia and have returned this nation to our precious Bill of Rights / Common Law.

    Using Oregon’s minimum wage at $11.00 x 2 we get $22.00 x 90 (hours) I calculate Henry and Laura should be receiving a minimum $1980.00 per week.

      1. You are welcome. I must say I’m a bit baffled that you chose this post of Henry’s to offer comment.
        Did you read it?

        a peaceful Christmas to you

  2. A little help sent to you last week. Tracking says its at your post office.

    Anyhow, thanks for the heads-up on this, Henry. I was out of the loop that such a tactic was happening. Now I understand. I would not send to another on the site without a recommendation from you. Sad that such exploitation/theft exists. And because of it, we all lose.

    If I could, I MOST CERTAINLY would, but it pains me to not be able to fund your whole visit to see your family for Christmas, but if everyone tries to help out, maybe you can see them soon.

    To me right now, The Trenches is the most valuable resource on the planet. Truth, slaying deception and insanity. Truth, reminding us of our birthright to live free. Truth, showing that all are entitled to this right, as (and you often say) “our Bill of Rights is colorblind.” Because of your efforts, and to coin a word, we are becoming “un-slaved.” That is REMARKABLE!!!

    What is it we are dealing with that this site is not financially flourishing with you and Laura getting just compensation? Is it epic ignorance? Is it epic selfishness? I know many of us are struggling, but I sense there are those who are not and just do not appreciate the value, importance, and urgency in this courageous enterprise. May whatever covers their eyes from seeing this be removed soon.

    This is a tough year, a tough holiday. It is made more manageable because of this site and the hope that springs from the solutions you and Laura continually offer and make available. You are CHAMPIONS and I love you for it.


    1. Nicely said Galen. I usually try to send the Trenches something on the Holidays, and I shall.

      Henry has always said, that only a small amount of folks regularly contribute to the site out of the very large number of listeners, I would encourage all of them to send even a few dollars on a monthly basis or whenever they are able.

      This man and his voice must remain. Many hands, light work people.

      DTTNWO and Long Live the Trenches..!

  3. It’s been a tuff year at the Enemy house
    But I get it Henry
    What you mention should not be happening, wish there was a way for you to gain more and be stable with no fear of running out of capitol to stay up and running
    Next month things for me should improve and I promise to to give to those who have given to me

    Sorry that doesn’t solve this immediate issue
    But I hope I can help bring in a new year with a helping hand

    Wishing you and yours and all the trenches a very merry Christmas, and a happy New Years

  4. We have received enough donations to assure we will be seeing our grandchildren this year for Christmas.
    We will continue to fight as long as you people do and I think we all know we have moved mountains working together and will continue to do so until we are at liberty and free as we were meant to be, and those who tried to steal it from us have been punished.
    Everybody have the best Christmas you can and continue to care about one another. This and our individuality are our greatest strengths.

  5. I will get something to you as soon as it is possible.
    haven’t been jobbing the last 2 and a half weeks trying to get this sh!thole in better shape before it gets bad outside.
    I wish it wasn’t that way, but it is.

    Glad that visiting the grandchildren is gonna happen. 🙂

  6. Will donate using PayPal at end of December. Henry, if you need to remove the ads for my books to save money, then do so (but I hope you can keep the ad for the free Prodigal Band PDF anyway.) I’ll leave that up to you and Laura. Because I cannot do without your site!

    1. I do not want anyone to donate that cannot afford to. I know how hard times are and of course your ads are staying up. It costs us nothing and we’d like to see you become successful as you are one of the better people in this world. We love you for caring about us, and as I stated in an earlier comment, we are okay now, so have a Merry Christmas, and that goes to all the Trenchers.

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