Tom Hanks applauds WWII veterans for storming DC memorial

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Actor Tom Hanks applauded the World War II veterans who stormed the WWII memorial in DC that’s been closed for the government shutdown. “We should all have access to our national monuments and parks, it’s as simple as that,” said Hanks.

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5 thoughts on “Tom Hanks applauds WWII veterans for storming DC memorial

  1. Hanks is a part of the Hollywood elitist group. He doesn’t care about WWII Veterans or anyone else. He can go hang himself with the rest of the traitors

  2. Tom Hanks narrated one of the most dishonest 9-11 propaganda videos ever made. It wanted us to believe that right after 9-11, over 300,000 terrified stranded people were evacuated by water from NYC in over 1,000 boats. Only thing is, that if you look at any photos taken that day, there were only a handful of the usual tour boats, etc. on the water. A total fabrication. Hank is a lying tool.

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