Top 10 Mass Graves

List Verse – by Ryan Thomas

Revering the dead is a purely human ideal; unfortunately, it is only an ideal. There have been many occasions – scattered like ashes throughout history – where the dead have been treated less than favorably, sometimes downright improperly. Bodies were, in these haphazard and callous instances, not placed in a finished mahogany beneath a smooth slab of granite, but rather piled up like stacks of rotten meat. Each of these dead, lying like sardines in unlabeled cans, seem to die into a form of irrevocable anonymity. Perhaps though, remembering these individuals as part of a larger number is a way of remembering these individuals as one part of history we hope never repeats itself. In doing so, here are the top ten mass graves:

See them here:


One thought on “Top 10 Mass Graves

  1. Number one on the list reminds me of this excellent documentary on “the Killing Fields”–S-21 Khmer Rouge Killing Machine

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