Top Tractor-Maker Warns Ransomware Attack Has “Adversely Affected” Production

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One of the world’s top manufacturers and distributors of agricultural equipment announced Thursday that a ransomware attack impacted operations.

Duluth, Georgia-based AGCO Corp. released a statement that some of its manufacturing plants have slowed production for several days because of a ransomware attack. 

“AGCO is still investigating the extent of the attack, but it is anticipated that its business operations will be adversely affected for several days and potentially longer to fully resume all services depending upon how quickly the Company is able to repair its systems,” AGCO’s statement read. 

AGCO has an extensive portfolio of machines and equipment manufacturers for farming. Some brands include Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Challenger, and Fendt. Its brands are sold around the world.

The company added this cautionary statement:

Our expectations with regard to resolving the issues are forward-looking statements, and actual results could be materially different due to a number of factors, including our ability to successfully reinstall software and restore IT operations at the effected sites.

The ransomware attack comes only a few weeks after the FBI’s Cyber Division warned about increased cyber-attack threats on agricultural companies and comes after a curious string of fires and explosions that damaged major US food processing plants.

2 thoughts on “Top Tractor-Maker Warns Ransomware Attack Has “Adversely Affected” Production

  1. So now everything in the food-chain production is at risk, no matter what part it plays. From seeds, to soil, to sizeable equipment, all being tampered with in one way or another.

    If they can’t yet get the farmer they’ll go after the farm.

    Oh to remember the old ways, the neighborhood gardens where surplus was always shared. The tools were minimal the toil shared. Nothing chemical for a bountiful yield. And some will say, “You can’t do that for 7 billion!!” But if we start, one-by-one, the burden starts to lift and it takes the scare with it.

    For some of us elders who maybe can’t plant or simply don’t have the land, I say support your local farmers’ markets, not just by buying there but by giving appreciation and respect. In many cases, a farmer is a champion.

    Still, I want the tractors up and running and available. Any technology that makes the job easier is always of value. But messin’ with survival is the name of the game in the Guidestone Universe. Ahh, to smash The Guidestones and grind them to course mineral-dust for fertilizing and offering drainage to family gardens. Makes me think we can take many of their man-made atrocities and turn them into something useful and beneficial. To the stars!!


  2. Why high tech is BULLSHIT!!!
    “A retarded monkey could figure it out”
    – Henry Shivley

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