Tower Talk

Tall the two
the towering twins
’till hit begins
From the sky
the plane, the drive
to get the people terrified
Fire, smoke, peril and pain
the freedom-eating peoples’ bane
Life upon a living day
moves to death and dark decay 

Some say missile hit Pentagon
officials say, that’s all wrong
Was a plane, that’s the case
Yet that crash left no trace
A round hole and nothing more
a round hole like a hobbit’s door
Curious combers dressed formerly
covering truth for you and me
Seven Fifty Seven with mighty wings
file it under unsolved things

Shanksville dealt another death
little evidence on its earth
Just alibis upon that land
no hint of how this mess began
No debris to settle score
no truth for we who ask for more

Yet one building just had to talk
a seven written on its back
Watch me fall into my middle
Watch as Iz and U.S. fiddle
I’ll tell you this on one condition
eyes must see true demolition
For that it was that took me down
insurance paid out to the clown
Remember please, that it was I,
your smoking gun who shot the lie
Less famous than the other two
proof I furnished, I came through

Questions raised for many years
all the research, all the tears
Who? is what we needed to know
Who, would deal such a blow
Iz and U.S., a brokered trust
Iz and U.S. turned life to dust
Far the suffering all this reaches
good folks left to pick up pieces
Pick up we shall, have no doubt
focused, determined, find way out
No more death for power and dough
we were lied to, most folk know
Now on the horizon for all to see
free people talking, walking free

8 thoughts on “Tower Talk

  1. That was very good Galen. Every year there is 911 for me, then there’s 912, the day my mom passed 20 years ago tomorrow. Always a tough time for me.

  2. Thanks, you guys. And Bob, years ago someone told me that when we love someone they live forever in our hearts. I miss my mom, too, but I feel her with me all the time. Can’t prove it, but somehow think I’ll see her again.

    On 9/11, amazing how little coverage. They knew it would eventually simmer down, their objectives met for that part of the take-over. Those beat up towers are imprinted in my mind and every time the image pops up I feel more determined to fight. I wonder what the world would feel like with integrity at the helm.


    1. Thanks Galen. Me too. My mom is always in my heart. I know that’s why I relate to the people here.
      Keep up the good work!
      I try to be a poet- but I always blow it!

      1. Someone gave me this tip:

        Take what you’re feeling and write it down in paragraph form. Then break it up into lines in a list. Then take out all superfluous words and most punctuation, anything not necessary to the essential meaning you want to convey; think nugget/rhythm. Then tweak one last time. A poem may come.



        1. ps: Bob, I forgot to mention, it doesn’t have to rhyme.

          And… regarding what you said about relating to the people here at the trenches, yeah, me too. It’s kinda like this song:

          Lyrics and link:


          Sweet Sweethaven
          God must love us
          We the people
          Love Sweethaven
          Hurray hurray Sweethaven
          Flags are wavin’
          Swept people from the sea
          Safe from democracy
          Sweeter than a melon tree
          Put here for you and me
          Sweet Sweethaven
          God must love us
          We the people
          Of Sweethaven
          God must have landed here
          Why else would he strand us here
          Where the air is nice and clear
          Sweethaven even sounds so near
          To Heaven
          God will always bless Sweethaven


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