Train carrying crude oil derails on Philly bridge

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PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The Coast Guard says a train carrying crude oil has derailed on a bridge over a river in Philadelphia.

Local police contacted the Coast Guard at about 1 a.m. Monday to report that a train had derailed on the Schuylkill (SKOO’-kul) Arsenal Bridge.

The Coast Guard says in a news release that a small crew on a boat is monitoring the derailment near the bridge and another team that monitors for pollution is also at the scene.

Authorities say there’s no report any of the oil has leaked from the cars.

It’s not yet clear what may have caused the train to derail.

5 thoughts on “Train carrying crude oil derails on Philly bridge

  1. seriously? another one?

    I think we know whats going to be the next False Flag, they are busy testing how to do it, and also desensitizing public as they go.

    or will they wreck one of these and call for Martial Law in that area to push everyone out of their homes so they can sweep for weapons?

    never leave your shit at home if forced out..if you can pack it with you or hunker down and lie that you’ve left the area

  2. I think this is going to be a push for the Keystone pipeline. If you want something, then the way to get it is to show the currant method of transport isn’t working.

  3. Another train derailment, surprise, surprise. Yes REDHORSE, those dangerous trains have to be replaced by the super-safe pipelines. I’m not probability expert but my guess is the number of train derailments are proportional to every setback the Keystone XL pipeline encounters.

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