1. one of the comments:
    ‘Back in 1971 I worked at a gas station during the “Gas Shortage”. When the tanker truck came to deliver our gas, I asked how hard it was to get us a tanker of gas. He said “There is no gas shortage. We have every tank and tanker truck we can find at our facility filled to the cap”.
    We are victims of the super rich!’

  2. The corporations that pay the trucks to haul this stuff won’t pay a fair price, so it doesn’t get hauled. Truckers have families to feed.

    You fk the truckers, you fk yourselves, the brokers that broker these loads are scumbags.

    1. Thank you Mark for saying what you said. Just like front line health workers (I know a few) who are definitely not paid enough (first responders esp.) and now have to deal with all those vaxxed folks getting sick and dying and getting paid squat… as Big Pharma and Kill Bates make billions. And then there are the health care workers getting vaxxed having believed the CDC-Fauci crapola…. It’ll be interesting to see Kill Bates getting sick or whatever with his AI enhancement and not a health care worker around to “help” him… Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  3. I concur everything Mary in ND said. A retired filthy rich Elks lodge member told me in 1994 exactly that. Tankers sittin full at his truck yard in Galax VA.

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