Transgender Military Veterans to Receive Chest Binders and Prosthetic “Private Parts”

Todd Starnes

Transgender military veterans will soon have access to fake breasts and male sex organs along with other prosthetic devices, according to a VA bulletin obtained by the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

A disgusted military veteran sent us the jaw-dropping information — noting how the Veteran’s Administration is bending over backwards to accommodate men who identify as women and vice versa.

“We should be focused on teaching soldiers how to win wars, not how to put on chest binders and breast forms,” the veteran said.

The VA said they were committed to serving transgender veterans in a respectful and affirming manner. Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service (PSAS) collaborated with the LGBT Health Program, Office of Patient Care Services, to create policies related to specialized Prosthetic items for transgender Veterans.

“These approved items are medically necessary to decrease symptoms of Gender Dysphoria and improve quality of life for both male and female transgender Veterans,” the VA said.

See pics and read the rest here:

3 thoughts on “Transgender Military Veterans to Receive Chest Binders and Prosthetic “Private Parts”

  1. So they can outfit any trans person with fake shit
    But they can’t pay for a true need of prosthetic limbs and such for those who fought their fake wars ?
    Yup sounds about right

    With this wrong message being sent
    This military they speak of will be nothing but a soup of shit
    As many with distorted mental self image problems will sign up just for the fake parts to call themselves what creation didn’t create

    1. Agree.

      Can’t up armor a humvee of provide pathogen free drinking water but here is a take dck and tts.

      Need some treatments from the depleted uranium? Have a plastic dck.
      I won’t feel bad when the meteors hit.

  2. The idiots in Washington better hope the Russians and Chinese do not take advantage of this Xiden policy. Either one of them will roll right over the US military, the US army will be nothing but a speed bump on their way to occupying the Imperial City

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