Transition Towns: Agenda 21 Comes to Life

659708Occupy Corporatism – by Susanne Posel

Transition towns are a movement modeled after the UN’s Agenda 21 to create communities that adhere to the initiative that center around reducing CO2 emissions.

Under the alarmist perspective of man-made climate change, founders Rob Hopkins and Naresh Giangrande created the Transition Model based on studies conducted by Ben Brangwyn on global relocalization agendas.  

At an initial Transition Bristol meeting in the UK, the Tudor Trust began funding this initiative. This led to the creation of the Transition Initiatives Primer , an explanatory guide to the scheme and fake grassroots groups who coerced communities into adopting the plan.

Transition Initiatives were created in Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, USA, and Wales. Training courses have been developed to ensure that this ideal becomes a global movement. Issues under Transition Initiatives governance are food production, manipulation techniques in dealing with local governments, sustainable housing, reduction of public energy consumption, adaptation of communities to resemble transition cities and control over local economies.

A propaganda film entitled In Transition 1.0 was produced with the global audience in mind, giving more credence to this UN takeover of our local communities.

Groups like the West Coast Environmental Law (WCEL) have been pushing for Transition Towns for several years. In British Columbia alone, they have begun to take root in Victoria Vancouver ,Nelson , Salt Spring, Powell River and the Cowichan Valley.

The Green Communities Program has help spread the propaganda of SmartGrowth ideology through SmartGrowth BC and the SmartGrowth Bylaws Guide a marketing tract on British Columbia bylaws that support UN Agenda 21.

The dangers that Transition Towns impose on our sovereignty and individuality are:

• They refocus town planning and infrastructure on implementation of Agneda 21
• They appear to be grassroots operations
• They promote the Peak Oil mythology as an energy scare-tactic
• They support SmarthGrowth which is code for Agenda 21
• They aspire to control framing, disburse ability to farm, and pressure governmental policies on farming that reflect Agenda 21
• Use the hoax of man-made climate change as the purpose for imposing policy control by building cities that are designed to reduce carbon emissions
• Securitize local food stores, businesses, healthcare and fuel
• Ensure SmarthGrowth controls all citizens ability to acquire any needs for human survival
• Create internal advocacies that band together to purvey Transition Town propaganda to elected officials and local governments

By working on the ground level, Transition Towns can over take states and nations quicker than funneling through the bureaucracy of national governments.

To anticipate any problems, this movement has secured a legion of lawyers to be hired at the whim of the Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund , a WCEL “society” developed to infuse the court system with legal disputes to intimidate lawmakers into submitting to their “suggestions”. They impose “identifying structures and rules that encourage . . . favored strategies” as defined by the Transition Town movement.

By erecting a parallel structure to the local governments in place, that can ensure authorization by those local government through time honored and patient hounding of officials in community meetings where they use the Delphi Technique to coerce innocent citizens into backing their agendas. In this way, at community meetings the “grassroots” advocates of Transition Towns can assume a false devil’s advocate position and divide and conquer the attendees at the meetings to ensure their desired outcome is supported by the end of the meeting.

In the end places like Victoria are being over-run by the Transition Town movement which has convinced the Victoria City Council to send a bill to the taxpayers for an estimated $140,000 to influence and network a fake organic movement with the assistance of the Occupy Movement in Victoria, BC.

This is why the UN Agenda 21 is so insidious. It attacks at the local level, getting the citizens of these towns and cities to fight for its implementation; all the while hiding its true nature.

The future of our world under Agenda 21 means buffer zones, areas designated inhabitable for humans in the name of biodiversity and the securitization of all resources need for base human survival. And the UN will be at the helm.

This is the dream of the global Elite.

6 thoughts on “Transition Towns: Agenda 21 Comes to Life

  1. I hope everyone understands by now that Agenda 21 is all about herding the slaves they allow to survive into warehouses where they can be easily controlled, while simultaneously stealing all real estate that might have valuable mineral wealth beneath it.

    Everyone involved in pushing this “Agenda 21” needs to be arrested, and placed in my custody for interrogation. Give ’em to me. I’ll make Gitmo look like a party by comparison.

  2. I have come to the realization that people deserve exactly what they get. People do not intelligently get involved in their lives. They concern themselves with getting to the next day or week and not lose everything or go crazy. They fail to understand currency and how they are being raked, they don’t understand politics enough to recognize a candidates true nature judging not what he or she says but what they do. Many insist on watching the fodder put out on the TV which rots their brains. Most believe that our government and military are in our best interest and that bombing all these third world nations is in our best interest as people not the country.

    People do not want to take responsibility to learn even by having experienced having lost their homes, jobs, even health. They fade away with hardly a whimper.

    This will continue until people realize no one can do to you what you do not allow. It is our duty to become informed whatever it takes and then when informed STAND.

    As you go about your day ask people what Agenda 21 is, I do all the time and maybe one in a hundred knows. Try it for yourself, the few that did know had the wrong impression.

  3. Hehehe! This is the dream of the global Elite.

    I think a better idea than hanging these pukes, would be to let these guys live in their “Dream”. Stick’em in these towns and make them live their under the rules they want to impose there. Armed guards outside to make sure none of them escape. If they did try, then hang’em in their own town square.

    Just thinkin’, again….. lol!

  4. It has now been branded to the trendy goaty beard V kneck wearing “avant garde iphone revolutionary youth sustainable give me a hug cult (which is any age these days) as a great thing.
    I’m afraid I have to agree with Susan, sad but true.
    They will get it all.

  5. gewt, ((Hugs)) lol!
    Educate those that need it,. I’m not giving up, most will get it if you can get their level to explian or make them curious. Go for it!, it IS your responsibilty to educate or at least try..

  6. Yeah, Vancouver has taken to heart smarth growth propaganda, look at who they have for mayor, his wife sits on the board of the Vancouver Farmers Market, normally I support farmers markets, but in this case farmers market has become a venue for elitist foodies and if you like the best and most overpriced food it is the best place for you to shop.
    Also look at all the skyscrappers everywhere, and the ploy to bring scaretrains (skytrain) to your neighborhood soon. Why they just chopped up piles of trees and bushes everywhere to build this high priced scaretrain piece o shit out to Pt Moody & Coquitlam. green? my foot

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