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Trencher Alert

So guess what?  Our internet went down again, so I guess I’m going to have to do a little conveyance via the written word.  (We can continue posting articles using our mobile wi-fi, we just can’t run the broadcast computer on it.)

We’ve got these son of a bitches on the ropes and they know it.  This is why you are having the emergency alerts on your cell phones and the talk of a declaration of martial law.

The government’s only authority is within the confines of the government, applying the tiny little bit of authority we granted.   

Just like Abraham Lincoln, Donald J Trump does not have the authority to declare martial law and suspend the Bill of Rights that is coming at them like a f-king freight train.

The 9th Article to the Bill of Rights, as ratified, does not allow in the Constitution any authority to suspend it.  If martial law is declared, I will ignore it, and anyone who tries to enforce it upon me will meet combat.

They will claim this martial law is to save the Republic, but that is a lie.  The illegal declaration of corporate martial law will be in the attempt to preserve the United States Incorporated.

Once you tell a lie, then there has to be another lie to cover it, and then another, and then another.  And finally the lies become so outrageous that the truth cannot be denied.

This corporate occupation has all the authority it needs to arrest and destroy the communist faction that is threatening it.  A part of the declaration of martial law will be to assist and cooperate with the corporate enforcers with the union badges.  This is an attempt to force us to divide and shoot one another.

All we have to know is that the occupation is an occupation and that our freedom and liberties were illegally removed via the corporate paper coup of 1868, and every son of a bitch declaring any authority over the free national is an enemy combatant.

If the international communists come at you, shoot them in the f-king face.

If the corporate mafia union forces come at you, shoot them in the f-king face.

The only legitimate authority left in the united States of the Americas that is a true authority, is the Bill of Rights, as originally ratified, that means you and me.

They tell you to stay in your house, grab your gun and get out in the streets.

The gig is up and we outnumber them thousands to one.

For your freedom, for the freedom of your progeny, let them know in the harshest of terms that you are not corporate property that they control.

Freedom bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we, the free nationals for the united States of the Americas, by the authority of our Bill of Rights, the absolute law as ratified, will prevail.

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18 Responses to Trencher Alert

  1. KOYOTE says:


  2. Katie says:

    “They will claim this martial law is to save the Republic” precisely what Mike Adams claims.

    “A part of the declaration of martial law will be to assist and cooperate with the corporate enforcers with the union badges.” Again, precisely what Adams said.

    Thanks Henry, you got the message out regardless!

  3. Katie says:

    I will add too that Napoloton’s little lecture made it very clear that they are on the ropes and they know it.

  4. mary in TX....come and get me ahole! says:

    Bam! Bring it on m effers ….We (American Nationals) are fed up with your dictatorial corporatism and are soooooo very ready to rid our land of the stench you have blanketed us with for way too long. I may die but I guarantee you this you slimy stinking piss ant YOU are going with me hahaha!

    ‘Freedom bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we, the free nationals for the united States of the Americas, by the authority of our Bill of Rights, the absolute law as ratified, will prevail.’ RIGHT ON!!!!!

    • mary in TX says:

      ……and when the time comes I have this feeling I just might amaze myself

      • Norm says:

        Yes, and when Police and Military come to understand this, they will stall and the system will collapse…

        We WILL be free, though it cost us our very lives and the Enforcers of Tyranny MUST bare the Brunt of the peoples resistance to it…!

  5. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Looking forward to some stretched necks!.start with the bitch carpet bagger.

  6. KOYOTE says:


  7. Mark Ottinger says:

    I just hope there will be enough to go around i will be pissed if i don’t get to hang or shoot at least one of these treasonous bastards! Were with you Henry.
    Bring it on mf’s

  8. Ed Teach says:

    I agree explicitly!
    Especially the part about grabbing your gun and going in the streets when ‘they’ say to stay inside.

  9. sam says:

    It’s about time, I was beginning to get rusty sitting behind this key board waiting for the opportunity to put live targets in my cross hairs, well said Henry and I agree with you and all the commenters above, it’s way past time to take this country back and our Organic Constitution and Bill of Rights and enforce them along with the Northwest Ordinance,Articles of Confederation,and of coarse the Declaration of Independence.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      Those who constructed the Declaration of Independence were the aristocrats, hence the king’s men in the colonies, a year and four months after the people rose up and started shooting every British agent they could get their sights on. This was the foundation for the forming of a new aristocratic government in the middle of an uprising.
      It is the Bill of Rights that declares them our servants. They never wanted it and have worked tirelessly towards its removal.
      We can have no new form of government until our Bill of Rights is secured and we are in control and actually have the capacity as free men and women to choose. This is the fight for the 9th Article to the people’s Bill of Rights, which is the people’s declaration of superiority above the government that was formed to serve them.

      • Creighton Lee Rose AKA:Cisco Drake says:

        Well said….Im busy riggin up my Indiana Jones empty/spare hot tub trap to maybe crush a few…:)

        You boys n’ girls down in Josephine know how to do it!

  10. H D says:

    Am sorry Henry that link I sent you much of push you over the top . Lol . Some time you have to laugh are go mad at the world we’re all seeing

  11. DL. says:

    Yes, Henry!! Totally glad of your response to this nonsense (a response I fully expected) and of your denunciation of that you-know-what Mike Adams. He is beneath contempt, as is Jones or anyone else parroting this traitorous crapola. Sorry your internet is down. In my neck of the woods it is fine, even with a ton of deluge rain coming down now! Ah, rainy season, which often extends into October.

  12. Jolly Roger says:

    I told you Mike Adams was no good years ago.

    I’m ready to go here, but it’s already 8:40 PM (EST) and all is quiet on the western front.

  13. Martist says:

    I’ve had all I can standz and can’t standz it no more. Pick up the pace, you zionist sob’s, my finger is itchy and the tree is dry. Dark blue, light blue, ninja masks, oakleys and gold-fringed flags are primary targets.

  14. galen says:

    The phone alerts, the Mike Adams Psy-op. Well, Henry explained it so clearly above but I’ll just say that to me Mike is the Golden Child of the CIA. They love him and front him ’cause he’s got so many followers that can be led on a leash. He uses natural health as a front. His video was shocking. I’d title it, “A Traitor Speaks.” It’s a true case of “pot calling kettle black,” right and left pitted against each other to bring in Martial Law, Martial Law that could last “a year!”

    I am readying.

    It was very freaky yesterday when the broadcast cut out. Felt like being out on the front-lines alone. Yes we ARE sometimes alone. But the times we’re not alone, the times when we know we got buddies out there willing to go the distance, those are the moments that serve up courage. I am readying.


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