Trencher Alert

A beautiful woman, a beautiful soul, a beautiful life.

My mom passed away today at 2:00pm. My brother Steve and I were there at her bedside along with one of the home health aides Karen. Tomorrow after my doctor appointment, I will be going to the funeral home to make arrangements. A beautiful woman, a beautiful life. Thank you to everyone at the Trenches for all the love, support, thoughts and prayers.

Rest in peace Susie Theresa (Festa) Sammarco, December 23, 1932 to March 27, 2019

34 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. Hug to you, Sunfire, and a blessing of love to your Mom. Every time you spoke of her, it was with such appreciation and respect. She was blessed to have you. Stay strong, and know that nothing could ever take her from your heart.


    1. Thank you Galen. We all have a time to be born and a time to die. I will see my mom again when my time on the Earth is done.

  2. We will all be together at some point, wont that be a hoot! May your mom rest in peace with eternal happiness Sunfire..

  3. what a wonderful thing it is to live in this world knowing you are loved….that is the gift you gave to your mom everyday…love to you, mom, and all your family ….

  4. Henry:

    You have my deeoest sympathy. May God take your Mother home, leading her into paradise.
    God bless

  5. Sunfire, I hope your days ahead are bright in spite of your loss. Hold the good & fond memories close to your heart. God’s peace be upon you & your brother.

    1. Thank you Katie. Yes, a new life starts for me tomorrow. It’s scary and yet exciting at the same time. I fought the good fight for my mom, she is so proud! My two sisters as well as my other brother (five of us total) came here today as well to say their goodbyes.

    1. Thank you J. Spooner. God blessed me with a remarkable and strong mom who I had the blessing of spending nearly fifty years with. The house is peaceful tonight, and I too have inner peace.


    1. Thank you Mark and Jill. He did come to my aid. He ended her suffering and took her home to be with my father and other family and friends who have already crossed over. God blessed me to have her with me here for nearly half a century. I will see her again when my time on the Earth is done.

  7. What sad, sad news. I am so sorry, Sunfire. My deepest sympathies. You and your family are in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. Blessings. <3

    1. Thank you Angel. While I am filled with mourning and grief, I am also deeply relieved that her suffering is over. I have inner peace tonight. I will see her again when my time on Earth is done.

    1. Thank you Norm. The support I get from you and the others here at the Trenches is never taken for granted and always deeply appreciated.


  8. So sorry to hear of your loss, Sunfire. Your Mother had the best way we could hope for to leave this place and that is to be in the company of the one’s who love us the most and have proven it through our deeds and not empty words. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family at this time. Peace, Brother.

    1. Thank you Martist. You are so right. I am so glad my mom passed away here at home where she wanted to. I was her champion, I fought the good fight for her, and she is so proud! I will see her again when my time on the Earth is completed.

      1. I have 9 other siblings. Dad had a major stroke when I was in mom’s belly.
        I guess it was a hell of a recovery. Mom said he was never the same man.
        They faught on as best they could till they couldn’t,
        I was a young renegade and made her a wreck till my late 20s.
        Told her to shut up once.
        Got the 1000 man slap from that Irish woman, and felt bad cause I had hurt her feelings.
        She busted her ass the best she could to see to us. We became close by my early 30s.
        Lost her in 2004. Lost dad in 1996.
        Not all that good at talking about it to those I can’t look in the eye, but that’s just me and I’ll get over it.
        I do so miss my folks.

  9. I send hugs Sunfire, soon i will have that loss. I am caring for mom who will be 96 tomorrow, her mind is so better than mine, but her body is physically shot from a lifetime of chronic pain and arthritis, lupus, etc. It is very hard as we are oil and water, but as i watch her suffer it is so hard daily, just so hard. I thank God you and your mom love ea other and you were wi her in the end. Blessings to you and your family

    1. Thank you Teresa. It’s the “caretaker’s paradox”. We only have one mom, and losing mine was the hardest thing I have ever faced in my lifetime. I will see her again when my time here is done.

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