Trencher Alert

We are heading out to the woods for a day or two or three, there will be no broadcasts of The Word From the Trenches.

Once a day we will travel within wi-fi range to post articles.

35 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. Hope you have a beautiful few days in the woods. No better place to go.

    Enjoy, Henry and Laura, and thanks for all you do every single day!!



      1. Ooooow!

        Thems be an irritating thing!


        Here is an email from a brother that I read first thing this morning…. (Laughing)…

        “my cell phone number no longer works, because i just smashed it with a 12 pound sledge hammer like i have been threatening to do for a long time now.”

  2. Dont trip over a pine cone! 🙂 damn things can kill ya brother! So glad your getting the hell out of your prison cage..

  3. Henry and Laura made me wanna go camping, deep, deep into the wilderness. I hope I can make that happen soon.

    I know The National Park Service has nothing to do with our original gift of land, water, sky, so ignore that accreditation in this vid. But it got me thinkin’ that maybe Henry will come back with a song, or another poem:


    1. wonderful!……….”the music is out there in the ether”….BAM! so many here at the trenches are in my bucket list but if I don’t get the chance I see you in the ethers…. 🙂

      Henry is a poem 🙂

    1. Quite an awesome spot, HD, and near The Cumberland Gap, another earth miracle.

      Who knows… One day there just might be a big Trencher camp-out. I’ll have to brush up on my soup recipes. And won’t those roasted marshmallows taste grand.

      Aside: If only this was the main thing on my mind today and I was not consumed with concerns of escalating wars and aggressive invasions. Sigh… Soup is better than war.


  4. Galen you can’t let stuff rule your life what ever happen is out of your hands as well as mine . At one point I would not take runs over 200 miles away . I know now that i can and will get back home one way are another , life short so you girls ready to go camping . I bet Galen you would be a blast to talk too . How your trip going Henry . Galen I have a Hugh Dutch oven for your soup your going to make ….licking my lips

    1. HD, I will continue to enjoy our online friendship. To cross an ocean and half a continent is not in the cards right now. But I do thank you.



    1. Will try, HD. You, too. Yet… planet earth in need of sooooooo many warriors. Today I must read a little more about William Wallace.


    1. Wow, indeed, Mary. What could this mean? A possible waking up? I saw nothing about it on the CNN home page today. One would think this would be MAJOR news.

      Maybe this is a beginning, a beginning of the end of the whole false paradigm of current-day government shenanigans? I hope we hear more soon.

      So many disruptions lately. Planet in great unease, fed up, suffering. How much more can a people take?!!


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