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I can’t attest to the legitimacy of the following email I received this morning, but is mammon comin’ a callin’?

Would Henry Shivley sell out his people and the future of our progeny?  Or maybe could it just be the offer of the gold before the lead? 


I’m reaching out to see if you’d be interested in selling After some initial research into the traffic and content, your site seems like it might be a good fit within our current portfolio of sites. That said, I’d love to learn more before making an offer.


Eric Mitchell


They have squeezed From the Trenches World Report to the point that it only exists through the support of the Trenchers.  We live in abject poverty because we refuse to compromise the truth.

Whatever the case may be, if I should fall, who among you will pick up the banner of the Bill of Rights and uncompromisingly charge forward and not stop until the charter for the united States of the Americas is surrendered to the individual free sovereign American nationals for the united States of the Americas,, and our Bill of Rights is absolute to each and every individual free sovereign for this country.

The answer to this inquiry is simple.  The truth is not for sale.  The Bill of Rights will never be for sale and we will enforce our law.

23 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. I will carry the banner, Henry. — As best I know how. And I know other Trenchers will, too.

    From The Trenches: NOT FOR SALE – EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hnery if I was still working I’d give you a lot more than the small amount I send every month. Now on a fixed income except for a few book sales. Hopefully the recent upload of my trilogy to Lulu and then distributed elsewhere will lead to more book sales and then I can send more. DO NOT, please, DO NOT sell the only new website I and a lot of others trust.

  3. The Philosopher’s Stone website got bought and disappeared.

    You present a very important question. The Trenchers will need to figure out how to deal with life’s eventualities, whether from old age or “in the field of battle” we lose you. Tough thinking, but necessary.

  4. The site is valuable Henry, you built it on truth and that my good friend is worth a fortune. Bet you a Jewish corn beef on rye the cat would flip it quick because he knows somebody that would pay big bucks for it. I bet people are talkin… the mammon is talkin….

    Your the man Henry…

    Besides, what the hell would Henry Shivley do with a couple million?

  5. I think I can read between the lines on this one fairly well…


    I’m reaching out to see if you’d be interested in selling down the river. After some initial research into the traffic and content, your site seems like it might be putting out far too much damaging CREDIBLE evidence against the jews and their minions… oops, I mean allies. That said, I’d love to learn more before making an offer that is definitely NOT in your best interests, but one that, if accepted, would make all the Forces of Darkness rejoice exceedingly.”

    Sound about right, Henry?

      1. Merely an off-the-cuff ‘interpretation’, Henry.

        Can’t be far off, imo (insofar as their true intent).

  6. Tell these folks, we aren’t interested in this concept of a “Portfolio of Sites” or what ever biz BS they are doing, The trenches site is the forum, it is the place where the Red Pill leads to, it is where the Matrix gets opened.

    Very, very few can call it like it is, you expose these maggots eloquently, Alex Jones et al., and that POS in love with the IRS, Eric Hendrickson, and even calling out our so called militia for their duplicity and compliance with this criminal system etc.

    Like in the Movie Zardoz where Sean Connery is lead to the library and shown the book, the dusty covered book, called Zardoz…..”The Wizard of Oz”…..This is how I view FTT….

    We here don’t really disagree on much because we get it, we know, we see….Many come here and still need to come to the realization about the absolutism of our bill of rights, FTT is The Emerald City…………..!

    It is where the truth is……We can only hope many more will arrive here, to earn a Heart, some courage, a brain and see The Road Home…..because the fight is coming, no matter how many of us fall, everyone of us must continue forward…

    GB FTT, Henry, Laura and all the Trenchers…….

  7. here’s what i think… (assuming it’s legit) .. they’ll offer or even outright pay you what that ”copyright suit” said it was worth THEN they’ll tie up that money in probate because there’s a claim against you. I’m a firm believer that ALL super rich people do not have access to their ”worth”. they have an unlimited credit line to buy stuff that (((the joo))) can get back when that person is dead. that’s why rich people buy their mama a house and car because they aren’t ALLOWED to just give her 25mln dollars! point is, you would have none of the money and you would have lost Trenches. that’s the intent, to F you coming and going. i think i would not even contact them, yea or nay. just ignore it. I’m not well off either. i do know what it’s like. the main thing going for me is I’m alone. so i don’t require a whole lot. i will tell you now Henry.. if you fall, HELL is coming to Oregon so help me God! i have decided that.

    1. Morris,
      The Trenches belong to the people that make it the Trenches.
      I would never sell my people out, but there is always the possibility of the offer of the gold before the lead.
      I would never consider speaking to this person or these people.
      I salute all my brothers and sisters in the Trenches because I know your determination is every bit as strong as mine. We will have our Bill of Rights and common law returned, along with our wealth and the hanging of every criminal involved in this international plot to remove our rights, take our property, and then kill us.
      Shoulder to shoulder, brother, we will destroy them.

  8. I love the Trenches and appreciate all who have been committed to the truth as explained by Henry. I/we come here and tune into the daily broadcast because we know we’ll only hear the uncompromising truth about what this country of ours was and is intended for, that being our individual sovereign freedom and liberty guaranteed in our BofR’s.
    Seeing as how there is nothing for sale by way of advertising, what could the profit be for the offer other than shutting down the site. None of us are for sale here, so take your offer to many who will sell out and have already sold out to the mammon offer. We are the Trenches and we are the Bill of Rights, and no shiny nickel will entice us as we have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

  9. Yeah, sure thing! NOT! Henry and Laura are the last people on Earth that would sell out this beacon of truth for a few worthless Federal Reserve notes. The enemy can’t silence the truth, so they instead seek to seduce with offers of false wealth. The fool who made such a ludicrous offer will soon learn that the truth cannot be bought out, snuffed out, nor defeated.

  10. To keep Trenches afloat consider the next auction, what you might be able to donate for auctioning off, or what you might bid on. What a fun way to help out the sight.

    It’s a funny thing, to look around one’s house and see stuff and say to one’s self: “Some crazy Trencher might just bid on this.”

    Staying afloat is so much better than sinking.



    1. As.for the offer. I think they are full of shit.
      As for auction items ive put up some combat condiments ketchup and mustard bottles shaped like hand grenades. We use ours for schriacha and hot chinese mustard since we dont do ketchup or yellow mustard.

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