Trencher Alert

What you are seeing tonight is treasonous black communist agitators trying to hijack the power of the American nationals.

Everybody, keep this in mind. The masses out here know what the fight is for and we will wipe these communists out just as a course of action. 

They do not want to be free of pigment identity. They are looking to gain leverage for the communist cause they have been fighting for all their lives.

They will fail.

The Bill of Rights is the Republic, death to every communist, the free individual sovereigns of every pigment of skin will win freedom for all, not an advantage for a few traitors.

16 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

    1. And I used to live a few miles from it in mid-70s…. let me know if the Zoo is attacked…I know someone who works there…

  1. Bingo, Bango and Bongo!

    These idiots don’t want to leave the peaceful slavery of their joo-massah’s plantation. Otherwise, they would pull his hand out of their puppet arses and stop reading their script!


    ‘In subsequent tweets, the president again claimed without evidence the protest was “professionally managed” and involved “organised groups”. The protesters, he said, “had little to do with the memory of George Floyd. They were just there to cause trouble … Tonight, I understand, is MAGA NIGHT AT THE WHITE HOUSE???”

    It was not immediately clear if the president was calling for a counter-protest by his supporters, an event which would be likely to enflame tensions already running high.’

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    Don’t fall for any of this theater.

    I watched some of the “news coverage” of these so called riots in all the different US cities.

    They couldn’t even begin to make them look real apart from a couple of dozen idiots taking advantage of this.

    It is clearly scripted and supported by the Zionist/Communist infiltration of this country as they try and bait Americans into a race war, and it was dead out of the gates!

    They, the traitors within this criminal cartel stupid people call a gov’t, are trying desperately to get us fighting among ourselves, and they couldn’t even manage to get one real fist fight going between us, much less “city wide rioting”.

    You scumbag traitors, governors, cops, congress-things and the Mass-Lying-Media are caught redhanded once again and it didn’t work for you!

    Each new attempt to lead us into your tyranny is falling completely apart quicker and quicker than your last attempts!

    We, the American people will hold you accountable, you will be arrested, tried and hung for violations of our laws, REAL LAWS,.. The Bill of Rights, and your treason within and without our country, and you will die!

    There will be a real war in this country, when we have to fight the enemy forces who insist on protecting the traitors and international terrorists like Bill Gates, George Soros, the Rockefellers and all their psycho-brethren, but we will NOT fight each other!

    Great job of not falling for anymore of their media crap America! I saw virtually no-one at any of these “demonstrations and riots”, except their handful of “paid agitators”, which they even pointed out in their own “news” (propaganda) casts! (How freakin laughable was that??!!!)

    JD – US Marine LAUGHING at these International Zionist/Communists attempts to get us fighting each other!

  4. Yes, Henry, they will fail. I am amazed (since I don’t have TV) at all the truthful videos being created posted on here, including that Pharoah dude (thrilled to know blacks en masse are finally waking up!). Thanks Henry and everyone else!

  5. Food is a weapon! save food now, so you won’t be dependent on the government fema food down the road. Buy a pressure canner and ball pint jars, each jar holds 1 lb. of meat, beef or chicken, its good for years. A presto 23 qt. canner will hold 16 pints at a time, thats 16 POUNDS of meat that can be stored away for emergencies, which by all reports I am seeing, is not that far off. Pressure canners today DO NOT explode like the old ones, the lids lock in place. Just wanted to give good sound advice, the Ukraines were completely starved out in 15 months, think about it. Sincerely

  6. Israel will fall. The ‘jews’ will be held accountable.
    I try and explain it to so many people.
    The ones who actually see it (amazingly enough) are my small group of venezuelan refugee friends.
    They see what the =ism did to their country. Great to see the anger and agitation when they discover the truth of the ‘jews’ and Israel. Israel, through the us and russia are ruining venezueala just like everywhere else…


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