Trencher Alert

Galen’s comment on the previous Trencher Alert:

Good housecleaning, Henry, and so sorry you have to put up with such demonry. To sniff out the dross is a talent and you’ve got it in spades; and though it takes much of your precious time and energy, you get the place cleaned. I know you know The Trenchers are sniffin’ with ya. Freedom hates exploitation.


JoeSTP just called me and in not understanding what has been going on here, he did not understand the implication of the link he put up. 

We yelled at each other for a bit and he hung up on me.

I called him back and we discussed the matter in a civilized manner.

He meant no harm to the site and just wanted to know who the guy was.  If he ever has any such question again, he will just simply call me.  We apologized to one another and the misunderstanding has been cleared up.

But everybody still has to realize these communists want us shut down and they will do any dirty trick to accomplish it and I believe that this was intended to cause discourse from the first instance, as Jeff Merrill did not introduce himself and say who he was.

Laura puts the articles up and I disagreed on the comment board with his international bullshit myself.

All of us have to be looking hard and I should have tried to call Joe, but in the last four incidents like this I have called the people responsible who have my phone number, and there are a very few that do, and they would not answer the phone.

JoeSTP is straight up and he is with us.  He called me as I would expect.

But again, everybody be on the lookout.  These communists have seized complete control and there is nothing they would not do to shut the Trenches down, in fact eventually they will probably buy the f-king server and that is when the talking stops and we either step up to save ourselves or acquiesce to slavery.  I know not what others will do, but I do not want to live under international communism, so I will physically fight to destroy it before it destroys me.

Thanks for jumping in right away to back me, but no one should hold anything against JoeSTP as he proved he is a true patriot man and simply didn’t understand the situation we are facing here in the center of the fight.  Treat him as you always have, as a true patriot and a brother.  That is how I will treat him.

2 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. I understand, Henry. Was mostly thinking of Merrill and the plethora of others who showed up here the last couple of weeks wreaking havoc on freedom and selling either globalism or cop-love. To understand the integrity of the site to to understand there is no compromise regarding the free sovereign individual and The Bill of Rights.

    As ever, we learn as we go. And to joeSTP, you are my brother in The Trench. Sorry for any misunderstanding.


  2. Glad this got cleared up and I was alarmed at the whole thing since I did not think JoeSTP was out to do wrong (heck he’s probably been coming to this site longer than I have). But I will say this kind of thing is PRECISELY why, while I’ll post comments, I do not post articles or even links (except to trusted sites, such as WinterWatch and a few others). What I have to say I say in comments. (Or my novels…see ads at side).

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