Trencher Alert

The Word From the Trenches broadcast will resume tomorrow, April 1, 2021 (and I’m not fooling) featuring Henry Shivley from 12:00 pm Pacific Time to 1:00 pm Pacific Time.

My apologies for the disruption, but the site and the broadcast focus is going to be back where it belongs, with the enforcement of the Bill of Rights for the freedom and liberty for all.

15 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. Yeah, thats what I was saying yesterday I thought John was gone, but couldnt prove it.

    Didnt see his pic on the front page.. Was waiting for this message. Or am I wrong?

    1. “I thought John was gone, but couldnt prove it.”

      I remember the first time he was removed from the site and the broadcast. I remember you later mentioned him on a comment, and shortly thereafter, he was back on the site and broadcasts. The whole financial thing was discussed on a recent show and there was a phone call between Henry and John after that show. The financial stuff kept coming though and Henry had enough. I have no idea where Henry and John stand on a personal level now, but that’s neither my concern nor my business. This site is dedicated to the restoration of the Bill of Rights as the Supreme Law and the restoration of our Common Law Courts, period.

      1. Oh, I had no Idea, well that clears that up. Yes, the focus needs to be something all of us can relate to. The gold and silver thing wasn’t resonating with me at all, Christ who can afford it?

        I’ve been out of touch as of late, been damn busy. Right now my truck is in the shop, I’m sitting in a hotel room here in NC waiting on repairs, this is why I’m commenting so much now. LMAO!

        1. I can’t afford any gold or silver. I live in poverty but I make due with what I have. All these idiots “investing” money in the stock market, Bit Coin, etc., are all fools. Gold and silver aren’t much good when you’re starving to death or dying of dehydration. It’s sad that humans as a species haven’t learned to value life more than stupid bits of shiny metals.

          1. I agree with you. Currency, whether paper or metal is a tool to be used to acquire items for survival as well as to help others, imho

  2. The American Bill of Rights. I’m learning it and I’m teaching it. Thank you, Henry. Regards from Canada.

  3. John or no John, glad to know the broadcast will resume and focus on the Bill of Rights. If one can afford gold or silver, fine, but honestly with what I suspect is coming in terms of the elites crashing the economies, honestly food, water, reserve gasoline–at least a year’s worth if one can afford it–is necessary. Have leftovers? Store in freezer. Power? Buy 10000 W gas generators (which when we gave our son and family one a few years ago, it saved them during the Big Freeze). Prepping is paramount now. But Bill of Rights comes first. (And be of good spirit if you know what I mean).

    1. You got that right I threw away alot of hard earned money years ago, doing the same thing (gambling) only with cards, those days are over. Now, it goes to the cause and food and water, clothes, and a 140 year old pocket watch collection, couldn’t help myself.

      Trying to help the site all I can, thats #1 importance now. Many here as well doing the same, all they can.

      1. Another fellow antique “horologist”. It’s not what you may be thinking. Buying beautiful antique watches, and a few other things my wife hates, is almost a compulsion at times. I must enforce strict rules about going to eBay rarely. Your traveling by incredibly hard, and much appreciated, work maybe allows you to stop at obscure antique shops and get real bargains.

        1. Yes Captainobvious, they are beautiful, Waltham, Elgin, Illinois, Hamilton, and many more custom pieces that I made into custom wrist wstches.

          which I dont wear, LOL.. I used to carry them in my truck, no more of that. Storage now..Too damn fragile.

          They stay in pelican foam cases now.

          1. I also suspect, Mark and everyone else, that items for barter (watches, maybe? I have several pretty things, and my books of course) are also going to be very very useful in the near future. And I thank God you are no longer gambling, wasting your money….it must be hard living in Vegas and not gambling…. (If we lived in Vegas, hubby just might have…you know. Only gambling I ever did was betting on NFL games, like 40 or so years ago….)

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