Trencher Alert

The article, Laboratories in US can’t find Covid-19 in one of 1,500 positive tests, will be removed.

I picked it up for the broadcast today, having not had the time to read the comments for the past three days, because I was a little busy with my brother’s funeral service who has been dead since June.  The house was packed with family and friends. 

I would have taken down the article as soon as I read Norm’s comment who had already checked it out and found parts of it to be bullshit.  Laura is the one who puts the articles up and she too has been a little busy the last few days and didn’t have time to fact check it.

After looking into it, I find it to be one of those parts of that campaign to get people to believe this covid shit so they will take the death shot.  They put the lie of the lawsuit and then corrected it in an article declaring that covid 19 exists and was isolated in a Chinese lab.  Here is the link if anybody wants to see if such a document exists: in which case it has to bring in to question the $265,000 reward for a copy of that study.

Our apologies.  I guess I can’t even take three days away from the site to put my brother to rest and can’t miss one comment.  My f-king bad.

18 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. Considering I’ve seen this posted on two other alt-news sites, no problem taking it down, Henry. Seems to me that a majority of posts relating to covid all have fake “facts”, MSM or not.

  2. YUP, THIS IS HOW THEY ROLL MAN…. To Henry and all the real Americans here at the trenches, I Echo Mark O’s comment above, Long Live the Patriots day and may we create many, many more new Patriot days to come!

    I always try to take the day off and stay at home and do some cleaning so to speak on every April 19th, I am amazed that nothing major has happened as of yet today, since we are so close to the real fight coming, you would think these masonic SOBs and their esoteric system would have crafted something for us; like they have so many times in the past.

    Well Sun hasn’t set yet I guess….!

  3. You don’t need to apologize, brother. You and Laura work hard at spreading the truth. You are known by your actions and your actions speak volumes. In a very positive way.

    Take care of your brother, take care of your family and yourself. Much love and respect going out to you and yours. Be cool until it ain’t cool to be cool.

  4. I am amazed at how much time you DO spend editing and posting articles. I believe the Trenchers know by now how to read between the fake propaganda news and the truth, but Thanks for keeping us in know, May your brother rest in peace. I am glad you could finally have a celebration of his life with family and friends. Keep up the great work, Henry and Laura.

  5. The enemy knows that not enough people are willing to take the lethal injection, so they employ the all too familiar tactic like the one we saw with “Pizzagate”.

  6. Glad to hear you took care of you brother Henry, man that was a long time coming, im sure everybody was glad to be together.

    Incredible how busy you’ve been, time flys brother.

    This covid bullshit is a lie all day long..
    A good friend told me below,

    “Your common sense and the entirety of your life’s experience IS your fact checker”


  7. This is why I love this site.
    We don’t just to read the official narrative.
    And when it is fake or propaganda we call it out and expose it.
    The trenches win again.

    Happy four 20. Lol

  8. Henry, how you go above and beyond what one single man can do, is more than enough. I have some heartening news from Canada. We have Kelly Anne Wolfe! She is a fierce Patriot for the Canadian BILL OF RIGHTS! (Under communist Pierre Elliot Trudeau, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was slimed into our country to accommodate the Corporation. Our Bill of Rights supercedes it.) She’s out there in the trenches, crossing the country, speaking it out, giving her all, while taking the beatings, unlawful arrests and jail time, to put the tyrants away for good! Canada is rising. As you take care of your own where you are, the war rages on. Your voice is really coming through, loud and clear, for me. It’s all about one thing. THE BILL OF RIGHTS.

  9. Long time reader here but only just posted a few comments recently & I felt I had to on that article as I’ve been seeing this fake news BS with “covid” since the beginning. Nearly all these articles that sound good on the surface still identify “covid” as actually existing & that one in particular stood out to me.

    Glad to hear you finally got the family together for a service for your brother. A very good friend of mine just passed a few days ago leaving a wife & teenage daughter. Their financial situation meant she couldn’t even afford anything more than a simple cremation with no service. It’s so sad when everything comes down to the dollar & you can’t even afford to celebrate someone’s life with family & friends when they die. I hate the demons causing all this shit in the world with such a passion! Keep up the good work!

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