Trencher Alert

We have taken down the video “US government paying farmers to destroy crops”.

Upon looking into it, it was a pure propaganda piece.  The reason for spending so much time and money was obviously to discredit anyone stupid enough to put the son of a bitch up. 

It took Laura two minutes to verify it was bullshit as she should have done right out the gate, but we were deeply engaged in a fight getting our SSL Certificate renewed.  I didn’t get angry with her as she is standing in the corner for a half hour on her own accord.

Again, this was professionally produced and I’m sure it is still up on Chinese owned Tiktok. It is amazing how easily the truth can be removed from the various platforms when something like this is not even looked at. Those filthy little slant eyed mother f-kers will try at this point and time to f-k with the truth anywhere it is being presented. They better learn that Americans do not fear Chinese as they are not but slaves in numbers that could shut down their slavery and hang that freak f-king premier of theirs in a day. We will mow them like the grass when they come in their blue helmets to try to take what is ours that they have attempted to defraud us out of.

F-k you China, and we will put up nothing more from TikTok and Laura is still in the corner, which means I had to get my own coffee and will be running a half hour behind all day. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. I had a feeling that was the case. They are trying to make sites like the Trenches look like the National Inquirer. F*** them!

  2. Damn them!! The Grand Deceivers!!

    And Laura, with the thousands of bits you look through every week, I’d say you’re still battin’ a thousand.


  3. Did that one Jew cunt at the end say excuse my sexy?? She had the nose… sexy big shnoze. Must have back problems carrying that around.. f@#king crisis actors. We Tar and feather them for sure. If they survive boil them in grease. Feet first.. real slow.

    1. Slowly drip hot tar on their head till it covers them entirely. Once completely covered in tar the feathering can begin. Then release coyotes to go feed on those chickens.

  4. I sent my friend a notice of the vid being a propaganda piece. He wrote back: “Trial Balloon.” I looked for a proper definition on that:

    “A trial balloon is a proposal that you mention or an action that you try in order to find out other people’s reactions to it, especially if you think they are likely to oppose it.”

    Now I keep thinkin’ of how to get back at them. If only I could deliver a kick in the groin.


  5. I was also suspicious, but not ecause of anything relating to TikTok, but because back before hubby became a paramedic he was a beekeeper, subscribed to a beekeeper newspaper which had all sorts of articles on beekeeper/honey “price supports” and that farmer killing off crops thing made no sense on govt. mandate with their own price support system…. and when will folks stop doing what govt. mandates anyway? Especially a govt. that is looking more incompetent and psychopathic every day.

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