Trencher Alert

There will be no broadcast of The Word From the Trenches today as the broadcasting computer tower has finally failed, which I do not doubt has been destroyed by the mother f-kers who are in every electronic device inside my house.   So we will borrow money we can’t afford to borrow, burn gas we can’t afford to burn, and go get another computer, so we can spend our weekend programming the son of a bitch.

Guess it’s time to call in Poison Ivy and give them a taste of their own f-king medicine.  You guys might not believe this, but I’m the nice one in my family.

And yes, we could use a little help here, if you please.

6 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. Sorry about that, Henry and Laura. I hope it all flows smoothly and all is resolved soon. And I’m SURE help is on the way.


  2. Henry, I just sent a few shekels to help with your tower failure. It’s just constant ain’t it? I’ve been buying refurbished gaming towers from the scumbags at amazon for a while now, cheap, get here quick, and when they crap out, I’m not out much. Carry on, Soldier!

  3. Was selling on ebay a few years back… had about 20 sales going on.. and the fckg crashed. Yep off to buy another computer! Had no choice…

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