20 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

    1. Same here, I say show me the proof (granted its hard to trust what you see but people can analyze video and photos for edits).
      I do not speak/read Korean or Japanese so its not like I can hop on a forum and start asking regular folk questions.

  1. That’s a tough one. How do you produce something that in all likely hood doesn’t exist?
    That’s like asking me to go out and find the Holy Grail or the infamous Spear of Destiny.
    Or the soul of Hillary Clinton. It’s whispered in rumors that she had one once but she traded it to Mephistopheles for a bag of gold and the power to return from the dead.

    1. “That’s a tough one. How do you produce something that in all likely hood doesn’t exist?”
      Many hands make for light work so if we can’t find it then there is no video evidence therefore its safe to remain skeptical.

  2. I hate to say this.

    Butt I think I have strong evidence to support this missle claim.

    I saw a rice cake …

    Flying over my shthole this mourn…ing.

    It had a smiley face on it..

    In fine print on the side it said…

    Fk you Japs…

    Below that in even smaller print..

    It says.

    “Maid in China.”

  3. Just like the Assad gassing allegation-gone the next day. Think you’re on to something. Thought it was odd that Drudge, who usually hypes NK didn’t spotlight this. Maybe because TX floods take front seat.

  4. I totally found it. Video proof of North Korea launching nuclear tipped missiles.
    And it seems they have some American engineers helping them.

    1. Haaaaa….
      Stop it…
      You people are fkng killin me…!

      What was that Bill Hicks line…
      Go back to sleep America.
      Your government has everything under control.

  5. ya know I could not find any but I gots a very large swimming pool I could sell ya cheap..its located in Texas..Christ its in Huston ..next door too that levee that just went broke…

  6. Just hang on everyone !
    The edits are getting picked up off the cutting room floor right now
    I’m sure the director of Sandy Hook will be with us all ,with proof soon
    I talked to that cute little Asian we always see in those adds , she said she can’t find any proof either , but she’d love me long time if I just sent her my credit card numbers

  7. When has there ever been any evidence of a missile from North Korea flying anywhere? It’s all a fear monger hoax.

    Like I’ve said before, if North Korea had one, they would have used it already.

    Any missile that you might see flying is more than likely a missile that the military industrial complex shot or paid someone to shoot in the air in order to put the blame on North Korea.

    They’ve done it with everything else, so why would this be any different?

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