Trencher Alert: Email Hacked

Our site email: has been hacked. We are being bombarded with thousands of “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender” notifications.  None of these emails are actually going through the Trenches email and for them to return to us, there can be no benefit to the hack for the spam, meaning this is just blatant harassment.

Anyway, I cannot sort through thousands to find the legitimate emails coming to our site. Our server was unable to fix the problem.

Please send all correspondence to our alternate email:

6 thoughts on “Trencher Alert: Email Hacked

  1. Hi Henry,

    Soooo,.. we’re drawing Flak again huh……

    Must mean were over the right targets in our broadcasts.

    The more they interfere with our site, the more it shows were hitting them were it hurts… this is a critical step to our victory.

    MMmmmm,… I love the smell of interference with our site in the morning,.. smells like,…. victory! (Apologies to “Apocalypse Now”…)

    JD – US Marine Fighting Global Tyranny

  2. Thanks for the update Henry. To me its just more proof that they don’t like what you have to say. I was thinking of donating a few dollars, would I be safe to do that through the site or should I wait until the issue is resolved?

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