Trencher Alert: Koyote has passed

My dearest Trenchers,

This is Jill in OKC, partner/caregiver for Koyote. I have some bad news. Koyote had a few seizures yesterday after a day of feeling poorly. When I got up this morning, he was no longer breathing and already cold. He passed away sometime during the night. He always assured me he had no fear of dying because he would go to be with our savior, Jesus Christ. As I type this I am still in shock. I am waiting for his son and the coroner to help me from here. 

Since I have been his unpaid caregiver for over 5 years and recently lost our truck, I have no place to go when the rent paid expires. I would greatly appreciate your prayers and am offering care giving services to any of you who can use it. I have food stamps but need a place to sleep come the new year.

Koyote loved the Trenchers in their pursuit of truth. I hope all will remember him fondly. His loss is too fresh for me to say more.

Jill in OKC

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Jill needs help now. 

You can send money to her paypal account from yours.  Just send it as a friend and paypal will not charge any fees.  Her paypal account email is

I know everybody is experiencing hard times.  I have nothing but I have already given and helped because that is what we have to do.


58 thoughts on “Trencher Alert: Koyote has passed

  1. Jill, my deepest sympathies and regards I send to you. I will being praying for strength and comfort that truly only God can provide.
    I will do what I can for you.

    I will remember Koyote very fondly.

  2. I do not know what else to say, Jill, but God and Christ be with you! I will EXTREMELY MISS Koyote on here, he was one of my fave Trenchers, and his promotion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and quoting the Bible. Prayers for you and yours. A very sad event, but still, Blessings to you!

  3. oh dear Jill my heart is so sad
    another punch in the gut
    love to you and I will be in touch with you via email
    strength be yours sister

  4. I AM depressed now… this is very, very sad news indeed.

    My sincerest sympathy, Jill, he will be greatly missed here at FTT.


    1. Sorry for the blowup at the end, folks.

      I just get so sick & tired of seeing good people die, KNOWING they would likely have lived much longer, less painful lives… if not for the NWO’s goal of murdering 6 1/2 BILLION of us.

      R.I.P., my Brother.

  5. I am so sorry to hear this

    Major loss for this community and we the people
    You will be missed brother

    I’m sorry to also hear of the situation you have found yourself in Jill
    I pray things improve for you quickly

    I’m really going to miss his comments and view point

  6. This has truly been a devastating year of death. I am so sorry to hear of Koyote’s passing. His comments and articles were always a staple here at the Trenches. I hope his son can help you with a place to stay until you figure out what the next step will be.

  7. What profoundly sad news to wake up to. Sometimes it feels like nothing makes sense, but tears and remembrance show us who we loved and why we cared.

    Dear Jill, how strong you must be to have given so much to help Koyote and to be the one there ’till the end. I know many are praying for you and somehow help will come your way. It’s all yet so new and it is a time for recalling all the good Koyote brought to the world. I believe the good you contributed to his life will bless your own. I’m sure we’ll hear soon where cards can be sent to you. ‘Till then, I wish you strength and courage and rest. Stay strong, Jill, The Trench appreciates your presence.


    Dear, Dear, Dear Koyote, You rascal, you. What were you thinking, slipping off like that? Oh my brother, how I will miss you. You teased me relentlessly and few have given me such a lesson in holding my own as you have. And we sometimes had little battles or tests of will, battles I so appreciated because they made me stronger and because they strengthened my faith. You certainly brought the faith, but you were the naughty and audacious pastor, great at swearing and relentless at presenting the enemy with the choicest of words. Seems to me I’d have to classify you as one of “The Unafraid.” There were times I’d say to myself, “Did he really say that?!!” Naughty, naughty pastor. A true breath of fresh air. I do believe you are now hangin’ with Christ and probably tellin’ him about how earth is about to go through some very positive changes as some brave folk kick the butt of tyranny. I’m sure you’ll stay in the struggle with us, even from your new home. Rest peacefully, brother. You gave your all and you will NEVER, NEVER, EVER be forgotten.


    1. Thank you galen. I must admit reading your words to Koyote brought the first tear to my eye that I have let out. I am still in shock and will save the grieving for after it settles in. Our dear Lord Jesus has blessed me with more patience and determination than I could ever ask for. I thank him everyday for my life regardless of the situation I am in. He always gives me the strength I need when I need it.
      Thank you to all the Trenchers commenting. I do not have it in me now to reply to all.

  8. It’s raining outside on the meadow, now it’s raining on the floor inside
    When the lord takes the good from your people, there is no place to hide
    Guess I’ll let it rain and feel all the pain, that the devil had put him through
    He worked til the end without asking for a cent for a better world for me and you
    So let’s follow his tracks and we’ll take this place back, or maybe we die trying
    But not today because Koyote’s gone, and I just ain’t done crying

    The last photo I saw of Koyote was with Mark and Deon, Koyote holding his pistol. That’s the memory that willl remain.
    RIP Koyote, I’ll miss you.

  9. Jill needs help now.

    You can send money to her paypal account from yours. Just send it as a friend and paypal will not charge any fees. Her paypal account email is

    I know everybody is experiencing hard times. I have nothing but I have already given and helped because that is what we have to do.

      1. Yes, we can do that, but PayPal does take a cut when you use the donate button.
        We will transfer what makes it to us from PayPal to Jill.

  10. I never comment here , but have been reading for years now. Peace and prayers be with you Brothers and Sisters! Keep your powder dry and stay safe cuz 2020 is gonna be a hell of a ride!

  11. What shocking, sad news!!!
    Rest in peace, dear KOYOTE. You are, and will always be, missed.
    My heart is breaking for you, Jill. I know you are in shock. Stay Strong. My love, Thoughts, and Prayers are with you and his son. <3

  12. I could not comment earlier today for whatever reason.
    When I called in and heard Sacred Ground I knew something wasn’t good.

    Mark(Koyote) found me on facebook shortly after I came to The Trenches. Mark told me that he found me because of FTT, and we became friends. That boy got booted off facebook more than anyone I’ve known.
    He’d make up another page in a fictitious name, message me that it’s him numerous times. 🙂
    Sometimes it be some joo name, I think even some Rabbi once. (laughing)

    It wasn’t hard to see that Koyote was comfortable with his dying day, and trying not to be too selfish, I will surely miss him!

    Mr. Koyote, I will carry the spirit of you into battle with me! I will see you on the other side, brother!

    Ms. Jill, you and Mark are in my prayers. Be strong! And anyone can tell that you are strong!

    Most sincerely and with much sadness,


      1. Some people have…till they learn the motive. I call it facespace…..we all learn in stages. Hal, may you keep your memories strong….God bless us all.

      2. He hadn’t for a long while. I don’t know if Koyote got permanently eighty-sixed or just stopped using fakebook. We both used the enemy’s tools against it, trying to wake up the walking dead ya know.

    1. ‘That boy got booted off facebook more than anyone I’ve known.
      He’d make up another page in a fictitious name, message me that it’s him numerous times.
      Sometimes it be some joo name, I think even some Rabbi once. (laughing)’

      that is funny 🙂

  13. “No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye,
    you were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why.”


    Thank You for Your Patriotism and Service

    Brother, Friend R.I.P.

  14. I alway enjoyed what Koyote posted he will be missed R I P , his fight is just starting in his new home , given hell from your new home Koyote

  15. Well its sad and I don’t have words but this song is how I feel. “Requiem for a Dream Very Sad Violin.”

    Rest in peace, Koyote.

  16. I dont come here often but enjoyed his posts, i am deeply sorry for all of you as his friends and to Jill and any family he has.

    Interesting, i cannot post from this site to FB but i could log in to make this comment thru them??

    1. Somebody up there really likes Henry, and I’m not trying to be funny, we hear this alot from people.

  17. Hello Jill. Just sending you a friendship hug and hoping things are moving along smoothly for you, and that many blessings are flowing your way. Christmas has a way of bringing up so many different emotions. We ride them out as best we can. Please know you are being thought of and sweet memories of Koyote live on.



    1. Eddy, it looks like you’re enjoying some time away from the camera tonight. Seen a few comments from you.

      Have a good one!

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