Trencher Alert: New Theme

Our theme has been damaged via wordpress and it seems no one can tell us just how or why.

Our choice was this, a hundred dollars an hour for someone to look at our programming to see if they could figure out what wordpress did to our theme, or change the theme, which was no choice at all as we don’t have a hundred dollars an hour to pay to look at what somebody did to our theme. 

This is just more harassment by those lowlife f-king jews.  The rest of the sites out there grabbed the carrot.  We refuse to be subordinated by a foreign country, so we get the stick of tyranny.

Just more proof of the infiltration and takeover of every apparatus in the United States by the zionists with the full cooperation of the judeo-christian zionist ass-sucking pedophilic seditious traitors that make up that small percent that is inflicting tyranny across this land.  And shit like this will continue until the American nationals who make up the mass majority in this country exercise their lawful jurisdiction and bring the full weight of our ratified law and our enforcement mechanism to bear and blast these f-kers out of our country.

19 thoughts on “Trencher Alert: New Theme

  1. They did Something similar to me back when I had .. all of my content was removed and then they told me it would cost me $500. to restore it. This is a good reason to have your own servers. Sorry to hear this.

    1. Good morning, Eddy.
      We live in what once was a small logging town. The internet doesn’t exist here to run a server for the common man. Not to mention the time to learn how to run a server.
      I’m glad everybody is happy, but I personally am seething pissed that these f-king kikes can damage my private property and I cannot even find out who they are, so that in this condition of force majeure under an unlawful treasonous regime, I can’t even whip somebody’s ass. But then again there is the fact that they have to hide, further enforcing the fact that they are sleazy pedophilic cowards. I cannot wait to watch them squirm and shake at their trials and shit themselves when they hit the end of the rope.

      1. Boy do I feel ya
        I know exactly how you feel

        Just got a bill to go to windows 10 for my company , because of planned obsolescence ( windows 7 no longer supported bullshit )

        20 grand
        Plus service fees
        Yeah we have our own server
        You end up having an IT company “run and maintain” it for you
        Yeah more money
        Don’t do it , you’ll get trapped

  2. They hide behind any and every situation and every thing because they know that some of us will mosey up direct to the source and say ” WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!”
    Sorry for your troubles.
    Wish I could directly confront these fkrs! And I would!!
    That is as nice as I can say.

  3. I believe they are scared shitless because those of us that have woken up to their traitorous schemes are doing all we can to wake others by sending them to this site. The amount of traffic here must be more than they can deal with. They have worked very hard at disrupting the broadcast to no avail so now they must attempt to destroy the site. My prayers are with you Henry and Laura.

    1. They are still working hard at disrupting the broadcast, they just haven’t figured out how I got around their last attempt.
      As for the site, it is under attack 24/7, 365 days a year. Nobody knows or sees the fight behind the scenes, except for the major attacks.
      Thank you for caring about us. And now back to another day of fighting the fight from which there is no retirement, except in liberty or death.

  4. Just keep on telling the truth–evil hates truth. If the theme is different, as long as the truth is there, so be it. You folks must be doing something right! Keep it up!

  5. My keyboard hasn’t got the keys that can express my disgust with the ratfaced Jew scum that is behind this treachery. Thank God you have some computer savvy to work through this attack. I’d be lost.
    I’m tired of waiting. I have zero patience. I need to settle down til I have my hands around a throat. Then I can seethe, while they can’t breathe.

  6. They can attack the website, they can attempt to disrupt the broadcasts, but they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell at stopping the restoration of the Bill of Rights. Their time grows shorter, so their desperation intensifies.

    1. ‘ Their time grows shorter, so their desperation intensifies.’….you said it brother….that is what makes these psychopaths so dangerous…they will attempt any act of desperation including another 9/11 or worse to deflect attention away from them but it won’t work…..the goyim know

  7. Anybody notice how it felt yesterday when the site was only partially down? For myself, it was like a lack of oxygen. I started to imagine what it would be like if the site was totally blocked and it felt like hell, like prison. Gave me all the more reason to support the site, to support Henry and Laura who give us the site (sight). On this Valentine’s Day, long recognized as a day of LOVE, may the donations flow in to help keep this site afloat, up and running strong. Love has a big connection to freedom; it makes living free so much more beautiful and fun and nurturing and comforting and strengthening and REAL

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Trenchers. I LOVE YOU!!


  8. One look and you can see that this site is under attack, but I think trenchers understand what’s going on. The truth is being attacked all over the internet because the Criminal Zionists are getting scared, and desperate.

  9. Well we all knew it was coming, I still don’t get graphic or videos. But I now can make comments again, I am on with a 2005 macbook and they can’t control it, so they fellow and block me at web sites, I get a white page over the site. but they will at some point lash out at us, so be ready for it.

  10. Although the loss of the original theme is understandably irritating, use of this site for our daily uncensored information is paramount. Thank you for providing this very valuable service – regardless of the difficulties.

    Suggestion(s): Backup all files and information to a stand-alone, non-networked server (or even a stand-alone PC/Hard Drive). This is one of the most important things to do when running/using anything on the net.

    Also, it might be an advantage to look at running this website through TOR ( as an alternate (duplicate).

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