Trencher Alert: No broadcast today

There will be no broadcast of The Word From the Trenches again today.

Laura and her sisters made the final arrangements for her mom yesterday.

This morning, I received a call informing me that my sister’s son died of a heart attack last night at the age of 36. He had taken the Covid shot recently in order to keep his job, but I’m sure that had nothing to do with it. These mother f-kers have killed my family now.

My sister is in South Carolina and her son lived in Texas, so me and my siblings have a lot to work out.

I’ll be back as soon as I can.

21 thoughts on “Trencher Alert: No broadcast today

    1. So sorry once again,Henry and Laura for your loss. This pos scum need to be eliminated.
      Blessings to you and yours in these insane times.

  1. So sorry to hear this
    36 is too young
    These dirty bastards
    So sorry this is happening , and that it’s come to affect your immediate family

  2. Henry and Laura, my deepest condolences on yet another loss in the family. Those lethal injections are taking out people left and right. The scumbags behind them are going to pay.

  3. Omg! I’m sorry to hear that, Henry.

    I keep telling my wife to refuse to take the shot. So far she’s listened but I don’t know how long it will last. These psychotic bastards want us all vaccinated in order to live and work by their rules, one way or the other. Mark of the Beast. I, for one, have drawn the line in the sand. My body, my life. I’m not a guinea pig for these sickos.

    My prayers are with you, buddy.

  4. 36 years, robbed of at least that many more
    I am saddened for your sister and all your family. My hatred for these evil beings never wanes.

      1. Hope all is well for the evening…………………………… sleep well try to gain strenght. No f=ckin VAcinnes.

        1. PS watch for the VAXXD keep your fuc@king distance super spreaders of some kind of new sickness!!! Read about SPIKE PROTIENS!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Henry and Laura, I am grieving with you. Words can’t do justice.
    This is war, whether or not people believe it.

  6. My neighbor of 18 years just lost his mom 68 years old Blood clot to the brain!!! My wifes customer 90 years old just passed away after her second shot 2 heart attacks and a stroke!!!

  7. My deepest, most sincere condolences to you, Henry and Shivley clan. It pains me to hear of your loss, and I wish you all the strength necessary to deal with what need be done to ease the hurt you feel and move on and carry on with whatever way you feel necessary to address the circumstances. Much love and respect to you and your family for the hard work and persistence you exercise daily in the struggle against tyranny and continue to shout truth from the mountain top. You are loved.

  8. Hello Brother. As you know I lost my father a while back. I told you that it wasnt over. It is now.
    Things have been rectified. I know what it is to lose a loved one. Time will allow you to prevail.

  9. That’s sad news.
    I know that road.
    Words are hard for me to find, and I know you all will come through stronger.
    Your friend,

  10. My condolences and prayers
    Henry and Laura. Sorry for the loss of your mother and your nephew Henry, my blood boils from his untimely death because of the communist death shot. We gotta stop these satanic commie animals!

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