Trencher Alert: No broadcast today

There will be no broadcast of The Word From the Trenches today.  It is Laura’s birthday.

Our children surprised us.  They are all here with our grandchildren.  I guess 60 is a benchmark when one should be surrounded by those that love them.

Be back up tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Trencher Alert: No broadcast today

  1. Happy Birthday Laura!! And a big “THANK YOU” for all you do behind the scenes to keep The Trenches up and running – a great gift to all who want to live free.


  2. Didn’t Henry just have a b-day?
    Happy Birthdays to all Shivleys!!
    Have a fantastic time with your grandchildren.
    I don’t have g-kids, maybe some day, but it is getting less likely by the year. I have wonderful daughters and am happy with that. 🙂

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