11 thoughts on “Trencher Alert: No broadcast

  1. Dang it, Henry…you folks are suffering in the heat at around the 40th parallel (or close enough) while we here in usually drought- and heat-stricken far west Texas (30th parallel) are enjoying lots of rain and temps in the 60s! (or lower 70s). Storms from off the Baja Peninsula… Praying for rain for all you on the west coast…heard it was almost 120 degrees in Portland, 110 in Seattle…. Blessings in the mountains!

  2. Take care, Henry and Laura. Wishing you clean air with cooling breezes. Wishing you everything you need.


    1. I’ll never forget our far west Texas 30th parallel “Big Freeze of 2011” (hubby had to replace ALL of our water pipes that froze and broke as we lost all our water tank water)….while it was single digits three straight days (high of 13!), in Alaska it was in the 50s! Talk about reverse polarity!

  3. Enjoy your time, exercise your rights and watch out for fed boy as you may need to go 1775 on their ass!
    Stay safe

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