Trencher Alert

UPDATE: Guess what?  The internet just came back on, so we will go onward with the broadcast.  I can’t promise you that it will not go out again before noon or during the broadcast.  I don’t know if this is a level of incompetence that can’t be matched or deliberate diddling.  The message that the internet would not be back up until 3:00 was definitely a lie.  We will be on the air at 12:00 … maybe. 

The internet came back on here at 6:00 yesterday evening. I was told the reason for the outage was a breakage in the fiber optic cable in Lebanon, Oregon, 200 miles away.

This morning at 10:30, as we were putting the broadcast together for today, the internet went out again. The local fella I talk to says he believes the problem is again up north.

I apologize, but there will be no broadcast today.

They say the internet will be back on at 3:00 this afternoon, so things will be moving slow here until it comes back on. It has apparently affected a fairly large area and has happened twice in a row, so there are a lot of people who are not liking it.

Hopefully, they will do it right this time, but if they don’t I guess we will have to start the search for another internet provider.

I’m glad this new fiber optic internet is working within the bounds of excellence that we were assured of when we were forced to upgrade because its precursor was failing, due to overload on the system by the invading communist army from California.

We will try again tomorrow, if it happens again, we will do whatever we have to do to remedy the problem.

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