Trencher Alert: Koyote needs our prayers

Koyote is not doing well.  He has pretty much slept for 3 days.  He is drinking some liquids but hasn’t eaten in a couple days.

I would appreciate prayers from the Trenchers.  Any ideas are also appreciated.

Jill in AL

34 thoughts on “Trencher Alert: Koyote needs our prayers

  1. I am lighting a candle and with it comes a fervent prayer for our dear Koyote, that God bless him with healing and strength. And for you too, Jill. Love from the trench.


      1. Of course as you are aware it is very important to keep Mark hydrated (as Katie suggested). If he is not eating it is a good idea to ensure he is getting minerals in the fluids he is taking. Sea salt is good for this. Consider adding a pinch or so to a glass of liquid. If he is not able to take his meds I strongly suggest notifying his health care provider. Love to you both

      2. I don’t know if you use silver water, but I swear by it.
        I don’t know if it is any good for you, but if he is having problems eating, carnation instant breakfast in a blender with banana and mangoes, I could always get down. It is probably toxic, but again, it works for me.
        I don’t know what the laws are in Alabama, or what that good ol boy judge would think of the situation, but I believe tea made from high CBD marijuana would be the absolute cure all. I’m sure this works and not just for me.
        Tell Mark I hope he gets to feeling better. Challenging summer ahead. 🙂

      3. Henry is right, Jill. If it’s anything caused by a virus, microbe or germ, colloidal silver will kill it dead. There is no better antibiotic available, since Big Pharma’s toxic cr@p can have immunity built up against it… silver can’t. If a virus mutates to survive, it doesn’t matter, it will kill any mutation as well.

        Colloidal silver will be worth far MORE than it’s weight in gold, if they ever release any fatal pathogens on us. I don’t think they can even create anything that could stand up to silver.

  2. May God bless you Koyote and you too, Jill. Koyote’s comments and posts are always an inspiration, and I hope he will be continually blessed. Be with him, Father God.

  3. Hang in there, Koyote. You have too much to do to get sick on us now. Get well soon.

    “He has pretty much slept for 3 days. He is drinking some liquids but hasn’t eaten in a couple days.”

    That could be a whole bunch of things, including flu. Don’t panic, Jill.

  4. Stay, strong, Koyote. It ain’t naptime yet. Thoughts and prayers are with you and Jill. Stay stubborn and armed, brother.

  5. You have my thoughts and prayers.
    You’re too onry to be sick.
    In your own words:”Get back on the horse, brother”

  6. If he can try, the BRAT diet is a slow starter after ice chips and h20, banana, rice, Apple sauce, toast, .mush the banana up.

  7. Hang on Koyote
    I know yer a fighter.. so fight , fight like a trencher

    and God Bless you , prayers sent for your quick recovery


    1. YAY! Give em hell, KOYOTE. And give Jill a hand while you’re at it! 😉 JK, brother. Good to see you’re fingers are a clickin.

      1. Hi Angel. Hope you’re feeling well, too. Sorry you have a homicidal kitty. I too have one named Isaac that on occasion forgets he’s supposed to be a dog. Otherwise he’s a dog trapped in a feline body. Guess that makes him “trans”?
        Jk He’s pretty normal 🙂

  9. What does Koyote and heavy artillery have in common. ..?

    Once you hear it…

    It’s to late…!!!

    Hang in there man !


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