Trencher Alert Update

Our modem now shows no light on the internet, which means no service, f-ked up or otherwise is coming into the house.

However as you can see the wifi hotspot is working longer into the day before it slows down to the point where we can load nothing, as more and more people are being hooked into the new system, which we never gave consent for but is being rammed down our f-king throat… for free… double the price.

People need to get their eyes off of Washington DC where the communist lapdogs operate and focus on the Silicon Valley and Seattle where resides the head of the snake.

Here is the latest from the internet provider: “An outage has been reported in your area. Our technicians are looking into it, and it should be resolved by Feb 18, 2021 6:30 AM.”

The people we pay wages, pensions, healthcare, and every other benefit you can think of to regulate these corporations should be getting a nice fat bonus for not doing their job and f-king their fellow Americans.

But again, it is only happening because we are allowing it and we do not have to.

Enforce the f-king law, goddamn it, or quit calling yourself an American national.

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