7 thoughts on “Trencher Alert Update

  1. I have been a dedicated listener since May 30, 2019. As a Canadian, same generation as Henry, tuning in to the daily broadcasts and the history which JD has been teaching, I am able to see through the propaganda. We have our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but where push comes to shove, I would rather default to the American Bill of Rights. I missed you all. So glad you’re back. Henry Rocks, JD is amazing, and I really appreciate Laura & all the Trenchers who call in. Best Truth site on the Internet. <3

  2. After three days of no internet and most of the power being down in the three local area towns…thanks, AEP, for possibly killing folks on oxygen concentrators and maybe freezing to death many others for your crapola “wind solar energy ‘green new deal'” garbage!…far west Texas is back up now as of Thursday morning. Fortunately, at our house in the rural remote we never lost power and have a wood heater (had we lost power we would have lost all our stored water and our pipes under house would have frozen and broken).

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