Trends Journal: Global Economic Panic. WWIII Next!

Gerald Celente

Mar 27, 2020

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13 thoughts on “Trends Journal: Global Economic Panic. WWIII Next!

  1. Great job Celente; you are ultra cool while you flat out lay out the reality.
    Flee, now this is one of your great solutions. Great post.

    1. Your Welcome….
      I think I’ve been getting some good info out along with data and graphical interfaces to data sets… GIS Arcinfo maps… linked to data….
      I love some of the graphical interfaces…..
      for instance…..
      Take a break…. this link has some really kewl info and graphics.
      Set it to your location….
      It tracks comets….. asteroids…. satellites…. etc…. Moon orbits….. solar system graphics…..
      Ya know just in case a couple of asteroids happen to cross our earth orbit with a zero day notification from nasa…., not like that would ever happen.
      To much to mention….
      Great info.
      For all…. and I forgot to mention….
      It’s Freeeeeee….!

  2. The lesser will resist with force. The fence sitter will begin to join in. We’ll be labeled terrorists at first. The cleared locations will begin to receive needed supplies, etc. As larger areas are cleared more resources become available, and more will join the cause seeing their liberties and freedom being restored. There are well more than enough folk who realize the fking they’re getting. They need to see the force of we the people, and begin to support more and more. When word reaches areas outside, more resistance will happen, and the cause will grow. Americans need riled up to their ass kicking mode. It’s gonna happen, and it’s gonna cost, and it’s gonna work!…..
    There’s the really short nut shell. And now I’ll see if this pos internet will let me watch this dude who’s more than likely has never been in a friggin fight.
    Be effin ready! It ain’t gonna come easy, but we’re taking it back!
    I’m betting my life on it. (laughing)
    Your friend,

    1. As we fight remember we are the higher power…..LIBERTY BEFORE LIFE…..I hold all of you in my heart

      If I had a way to print out ALL of the text of the archives and comments to posts I would do so. This site is the History book of our times.

      1. You got that right, sister!
        I got the vids. this morning, clicked to bring them up at jootube so’s I can hit history and watch tonight. It’s been cloudy and solar batt. bank was low. Had to shut all but a light for the pups and let the sun do it’s thing. 🙂
        Thank you.
        PS. I did send the vids off to two friends this morn.
        both got hold of me and said “Watch them”.
        Also they asked me to tell you… “Thanks so much!”

  3. I like Celeste’s “New World Disorder” line. However, instead of Socialism, he should be saying, “Fascism” because it’s really more so the merger of state and corporate powers in addition to the transfer of wealth.

    1. Yes although let’s face it, Bolshevism would be the most correct term of all. And we all know who who who the Bolsheviks were right?! 😉

      1. What the f-k is wrong with people like you? It has to be fascism or bolshevism.
        Horseshit, mother f-ker.
        It is the international corporate mafia elite claiming subjugation over our people and our property.
        You can’t just hate the enemy, can you?
        And no, you are not f-king right. You are f-king stupid because there is no left, there is no right, no democrat, no republican, no conservatives, no liberals. There is just the international corporate elite robbing and abusing to the highest degree, the true authority of this country and our ratified law and absolute jurisdiction within that law.
        You want a f-king name for it? It is called f-king tyranny.
        You people who will step up on this site and defend fascism, which is national socialism because you are national socialists are traitors to the supreme superior ratified jurisdiction of we the people.
        You want a term to put your smiley face behind? Why don’t you try unbridled tyranny, high crimes and misdemeanors, international corporate dictate?
        If you want socialism, get the f-k out of this country because socialism is collectivism and subjugation of the individual, which would make you a criminal and a f-king traitor.
        This was intended to be a Republic with an emphasis on the rights of the INDIVIDUAL. Those trying to destroy it are the international corporate elite and their actions are represented by two words, sedition and treason.
        We will not be divided by second tier monikers like communism or fascism. These are corporate monarchs attempting to enslave the world. We will not fight amongst ourselves over the ignorance pumped by a few. You sons of bitches will go with the rest of these bastards. Get on the same page as every patriot in this country, that page that contains the 10 ratified Articles of our Bill of Rights, which eliminates any form of collective power and only requires that we stand up like men and enforce the f-king law.

        1. Sorry Henry. I’m no fan of either because like you said when it all comes down to it, it is just a redistribution of wealth and it’s all the same. More money and power for them and less and less for We the People. We all know who the bastards are and we all know they are stealing our money blind as always and they all need to be hung. Plain and simple. Sorry if my earlier comment sounded like it came out the wrong way. I wasn’t trying to divide anyone by terms.

          1. We just need to keep it simple. We are enforcing our ratified absolute law, which means this criminal corporate occupation needs to be destroyed.

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