Trojan Horse Gun Control?

Gun Owners of America – by Erich Pratt

Feinstein Gun Ban is Gun Control on Steroids

Anti-gun Democrats in Congress have introduced a repeat of the old Clinton-Feinstein ban.

But this legislation represents a gun ban on steroids.

The bills are S. 2095 and H.R. 5087, introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI).  

Make no mistake, these bills are far nastier than the Clinton-Feinstein gun ban ever was.

Rather than requiring two irrelevant cosmetic features in order to ban a gun (as Clinton-Feinstein did), the Feinstein-Cicilline bills would require only one, thereby affecting tens of millions of semi-automatic rifles and handguns.

Their legislation would also outlaw standard capacity magazines.

Sure, you can keep the guns and magazines you already have them — for now, at least. But you have to keep them locked up, and private transfers would be outlawed by the legislation — unless you transfer them using a background registration check.

In fact, the bill makes no provisions for what happens to your guns if you die. And it’s far from clear whether you can pass them on to your kids — particularly if, for instance, your executor is one of the 257,000 military veterans who were unconstitutionally put into the NICS system.

An Even Greater Threat to Gun Owners

While the ban on commonly-owned firearms described above is bad, GOA does not believe this legislation has the votes to pass this year.

But there is a much greater, back-door threat, that would come close to accomplishing the same goal.

The threat is this: if President Trump can ban bump stocks without statutory authority, then a future president can ban anything without statutory authority.

At the meeting with congressmen last week, President Trump said:

We can [ban bump stocks] with an executive order. I’m going to write the bump stock; essentially, write it out. So you won’t have to worry about bump stock. Shortly, that will be gone. We can focus on other things.

So let me repeat: If Trump can ban anything which “accelerates the rate of fire of a semiautomatic” — all in the name of banning bump stocks — then he is ultimately imposing a far-reaching gun ban.

If you doubt this, please watch this video here.

Banning something which helps a shooter “accelerate” a gun’s rate of fire can then be used by a future anti-gun Democrat President to ban polished bolts, match triggers, magazines, tripods, and perhaps even AR-15’s themselves — if they have pistol grips which allow them to be fired faster and more accurately.

So I need you to contact the President and register your strong opposition to this Trojan Horse gun ban.

Everyone knows that President Trump is on his Twitter account every day.

So there’s probably no better way to reach him than by clicking here to contact him directly via Twitter.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can send an email to President Trump using the traditional route here.

Thank you for taking action.

In Liberty,

Erich Pratt

7 thoughts on “Trojan Horse Gun Control?

  1. Surely Trump the executor will veto this because it infringes on our 2nd Article of our Bill of Rights.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, you idiots need something to do all day long so you get paid, so you just keep WRITING things down.

    We know you have NO authority to do so therefor anything you do is completely irrelevant, to me anyway, except that you are treasonous and deserving of the penalty that goes with the treason.

  2. “So I need you to contact the President and register your strong opposition to this Trojan Horse gun ban.”


    Is he serious??? 🙄

        1. What a disappointment Ron Paul was, scared too death about loosing government pension. All talk, closet coward. And to think I actually donated five dollars to his campaign. LMAO, THE LAST OF THE BIG SPENDERS! I think it was a little more, but too embarrassed to admit it.

          1. Truth be told, Mark, I NEVER had any faith in that @ssclown from the beginning. He was popular among some of the Trenchers when I first started posting here, but I just kept silent about it, since I was new to the site.

            I knew they’d figure it out sooner or later.

      1. It’s just like Santa Claus. He’s as real as you believe, but that doesn’t mean he actually does exist!

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