22 thoughts on “Troops turn their backs on Biden; no salutes either

  1. There were three possible reasons:
    1. None of the troops respected the office of the President.
    2. The troops were afraid that if they looked at Biden, they would turn to stone.
    3. They were told to look outward because that’s where any potential threat might originate.

    I’m guessing number three.

    1. How could there be any threats coming from outward when the whole city was locked down and no civilians were allowed in?
      Even the ones that were still facing forward didn’t salute as I thought the military was supposed to do as he is their Commander in Thief, oh I mean Chief!

      1. Oh, the indignation of the king’s mercenaries not saluting their NEW communist warlord chief. They didn’t do a damn thing about the previous commie warlord chief puppet so I doubt their opinion matters. At F’g all. There’s no threats when stupid p***ies like them continue to worship commies that violate our Bill of Rights, put foreign interest before OURS and play the People and the part of an American National and do absolutely jack f’g SQUAT about it!

    2. Fk the presidential office of the zio-joo corporation. Anyone who took part in the sham of putting in the new puppet head of the anti-American regime is useless and a coward because they continue to hang their hopes on the next communist-in-chief to save their sorry asses, so I’d imagine they have the same size balls that match their tiny useless brains. The last face was a puppet traitor just the same as the new face, but I guess he said words that idiots liked and STILL violated almost every single one of our Rights. F him, F the zio-joo commie chump, F bush, F clinton, F raygun and F oblammy. They ALL work for the same commies.

    3. Or maybe they had a premonition that Biden is a traitor POS, and were looking away from the strench, hoping to find a true republic and a fresh copy of an unedited and free of any amendments Bill of Rights..

      Or maybe Bill, just maybe all hell is about to break loose and true freedom is about to be unleashed, free from commie scum.

  2. Lol nope, if there was any threat, it would be radio’d IMMEDIATLY to everyone. So even if they turned to face the president, if any treats would arise, they would just have to turn around.
    No one gives a f-k about Biden. The vote was purely a pro or anti trump. Because any intelligent creature knows Biden is garbage.

    “Poor kids are just as brights as white kids” J.Biden
    “Obama is the FIRST African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” J.Biden

    1. No one here gives a F about chump, either. Both traitorous commie lying pieces of shite and have been their whole F’g lives.

        1. You shut tfu, Ned. You will not come on our site and think you can get in the face of our people and you are an ignorant son of a bitch and your butt buddy Trump has taken something from me and from you. Just to name one, our bump stocks.
          The 9th Article to our Bill of Rights declares absolute no authority can exist anywhere to deny or disparage our rights.
          You are a 14th Amendment subject to a unlawful corporate aristocracy and you’ve never made it past Fox News. It is stupid mother f-kers like you that have led us into this hell we are living in because buzz words and slogans from traitors are enough to suffice.
          Trump is no different than Biden, they both shit through the same commie hole and prey on ignorant sons of bitches like you.
          If you ever learn who you are by law and what has been done to you, you will be ashamed for speaking out in defense of a jew ass sucking commie against a true patriot.
          Why don’t you try learning a little true history before you open your pie hole again.

        2. You defend treason for any reason, ned. Squeal like a pig, boy. You know you do and will because you’re a coward and a member of the joo manufactured cult of personality called “trump”. That makes you a traitor as well.

  3. I liked Trumps rhetoric but he was a traitor and an enemy to the people, just like Biden and just like every other politician. We were DUPED, people need to wake the f!@k up and realize that Trump was part of the plan. If he was truly a patriot he would have simply pardoned Assange, Snowden and the rest. He would have broken the truth to the public and not given us this hyperbolic garbage that he’s fighting the “deep state” for us! Wake up people, wake the f!@k up, he is deep state, he is a globalist, he f!@king wrote a book where he openly admitted he studied Kabala… Ask yourself, why would Donald Trump be studying Jewish magic? He’s a Christian I thought, right? Lol, no, we were played. The real deep state knew they were planning to f!@k up our country this year and that is why they put him in office, so that once they enacted their plan that Trump and his Q-tards could provide false hope to the patriots that they were working to fix it, all the while not doing a damned thing about it and in fact just making it much worse. Listen, I voted for Trump, but I am also not oblivious to reality, we were played. Now, in the midst of people starting to wake up and wonder what is really happening it’s too late, they are going to lock down all dissident thought and it will be the end of any meaningful opposition to their agenda. Videos like this showing the Troops looking away is more Q thinking bullshit that is meant to give you a tiny bit of hope. For all we know they were ordered to look the other way just so that more Q bullshit could get pushed. Look, see, troops are on our side, we still have a chance they will do what is right!… NO PEOPLE, THEY ARE NOT ON OUR SIDE! The troops out there would shoot you in the face if you tried to even so much as approach the area, they would do it without a second though, they would get a raise, a medal, the news would harold them as a hero, it would be a dream come true for the soldier. They are out there hoping for patriots to show up because they want nothing more than to obliterate your life off this planet. Maybe a handful of them are secretly unhappy with how things are going, but that doesn’t mean shit and as far as the military is concerned they would easily lock up anyone who even so much as thinks about trying to get Joe out of office. People, please, you need to understand that patriots in the governments eyes are considered the number one threat to the country. This was all ramped up by Trump and his administration even put it into law that the biggest terror threat is white wing extremists. We will NOT find any support in governement. NONE! If anyone says they support you then that is a psyop and is not real. The only support we have is the support of each other. The sooner people can realize that the better.

    1. Rob, you are new here, so I fixed all your f-ks, but this is the last time I will fix that many f-ks in a comment this long. You fix them yourself, I have a whole lot more important things to be doing.

    2. ‘Now, in the midst of people starting to wake up and wonder what is really happening it’s too late, they are going to lock down all dissident thought and it will be the end of any meaningful opposition to their agenda. ‘
      Take a look at this post Rob https://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/books-of-interest/280714
      ‘We specialize in Narrative Warfare ….’
      https://www.narrative-strategies.com/what-we-do … just one of the points made: ‘We have demonstrated a winning narrative is more powerful than any billion dollar weapons systems and has the potential for enduring effect.’

    3. The biggest threat to govt. is white wing extremist ? I didn’t know that white wing doves were that crazy!! Although they do fly a bit erratic when shot at. .take another drink…LMAO at your crazy comments.

      1. There is no right and there is no left there is only the Bill of Rights 1-10, the supreme law of this Americas..

    4. Do you know Rexton Lotus Justice? Because you are SPOT on with this. There was a comment from someone on one of her audio blogs in jail (4 million dollar bail) and someone by the name Carlos Castroni Jr. explained things that he knew that portrayed both sides to be playing a role to usher in a new “beast” system.. If you are interested in the screenshots I have you can email me…I am glad to know some are aware and/or waking up from this massive psy-op being ran on us.

    1. The camera, the camera, oh wait, this might be more bee ess. We don’t need to make crap up to degrade them, they’ll do it on their own, and right quick by the looks of things.
      Comments sections are bursting everywhere. People are slowly smelling something fishy. They’ve had a higher tolerance for stank than me!

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